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Baby Bunny
Story published July 4, 2013 · updated July 18, 2013 · completed · 47 pages · 5,581 readers · 32,002 reads
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

*Elise's POV*
Everything was fuzzy and dark, completely opposite of the dreams Sandy usually gives me. My sight cleared and I saw that I was in a dense forest with hardly any plants other than the trees. I curled up. Something about this place was... scary and unnatural. My ears perked as I heard something running this way. I sniffed the air. I gasped and started to run. I knew that scent. Dogs.
Once I spilled Papa's paints and I ran instead of telling him. I popped out of the tunnel and into a human park. Human children saw me and ran over to pet me. But a large dog also saw me and pulled away from their master's grip and chased me. The only reason I wasn't ripped to shreads was because Papa found me.
My ears rang whenever the dog's barked as they drew closer. I sped up only to trip on an uplifted root. I fell and landed on my skull. My vision was poor, my feet were sore, my ears were caught by roots. I pulled loose and tried to run again, but ran head first into a tree. I was hurt, everything unclear. I looked back an saw two huge dogs growling at me and come closer. Suddenly they stopped and looked somewhere I couldn't see and ran away, leaving me here hurt. I stood up weakly and walked away from the tree so if they did come back I wouldn't be cornered.
Another scent came at me and I looked. I saw something glowing and speading quickly. Fire. I scampered away from the flames, but at a slow pace. The flames quickly reached me and I dashed at full speed ahead. I came to a clearing when the fire surrounded me. From the shadows of the forest a growl came and a dog, at least three times my size, jumped into the ring of fire. I tried to back away. Something started to burn and I jumped, landing on my tail. I was right at the edge of the flames. The dog came closer.
"Are you afraid?" I heard someone ask. The voice seemed to come from everywhere.
"Y-you," I stuttered. Black sand appeared and started to form something. The dog walked and stood next to the figure as it appeared. A tall man with a flat forehead and black hair appeared from the sand. This was him. The person they were talking about. The Nightmare King. He's invaded my dreams before, but this is the first time I saw him in person. I growled at him. "I'm not afraid of you," I said in a low and serious voice. "I may be scared of fire and dogs, but I will never be afraid of you, Pitch."
"Hm, pity. Attack," he said to the dog. The dog growled and jumped at me.
I screamed.