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Sebastian's Daughter (Black Butler)
Story published July 5, 2013 · updated July 23, 2013 · 4 pages · 1,037 readers · 5,615 reads
I'm home!
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I'm home!

~My cousin helped me on this. Her name is Aaliah Chan. She loves Black Butler as well! Please read her stories, follow her, favorite her stories and comment. Thanks and enjoy.~

~PS: She is my REAL Cousin, now stop telling me that I'm lying.~
Aaliah ze awesome Chan :3 : Sup people! Be nice to my little cousin! And yea it's the REAL {and awesome} Aaliah!!! XD Follow her! ^_^ And... be nice to her please! I have short attention span which sucks -___-

Knock Knock,
Sebastian opened the door until a girl with red eyes showed up. "Hello.. Who are you, miss?" Sebastian smirked. "Um, hello?! It's me, your daughter? It's Victoria!" (This name was an idea of Aaliah Chan. Please follow her and favorite her stories!) Sebastian's eyes widen. She can't be my daughter.. I have no wife or kids. Sebastian thought. "W-Well, please come in." By the time Victoria entered the manor, Pluto rushed to Victoria and jumped on her, licking her face. Victoria started to giggle and smile. Sebastian smiled, but glared at Pluto. "Pluto, get off." Pluto whined and got off. Victoria stared at the naked guy, but Sebastian covered her eyes. "Pluto, get Finny." Pluto barked and ran off to the kitchen. "Dad, who was that? He was acting like a dog." Victoria asked, tilting her head. "Pluto. He is a demon hound." Sebastian replied. Then a loud crash was heard from the kitchen and a petite redheaded female ran out of the kitchen with Pluto chasing right after her. "Pluto! Stop it Plu-Plu!" shouted a male with a straw hat. Then a gust of flames exited the kitchen. "Uh..." Victoria started, "What did I just see?" Sebastian sighed. "I apologize, Victoria." Sebastian smirked. "What is going on?" a voice boomed. Everyone stopped and stared at the boy, walking down stairs. "U-Uh, master! Pluto just-" "Just clean up this mess," the boy interrupted Finny, "Bard, how many times have I told you not to cook with a flamethrower? And Mey Rin, is lunch prepared?" "Yes sir!" "Sorry, sir!" "It is, sir!" They all ran around and went to the kitchen, but Finny was cleaning the floor... Plus Pluto's 'mess'. The boy looked at Sebastian and Victoria. "Sebastian, who is this girl?" he asked. "I believe she thinks I'm her father, young master." Sebastian said, smirking. The boy came up to Victoria and there lips almost touched. "Who are you?" he asked. "V-Victoria Michaelis!" "Ciel Phantomhive." he muttered. Sebastian glared at Ciel.

Although she is not my daughter, I must protect her.
I must also protect her from you, Young Master.

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