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Robin and Batman: the secret
Story published July 6, 2013 · updated August 4, 2013 · 25 pages · 601 readers · 2,299 reads
Hidden life
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Hidden life

(Thanks for continuing to read my fanfic :) So it starts to get a little weird in this chapter sorry. again please R&R.)
Disclaimer: I still don't own batman
By the time I made it back to the Batcave it was almost 5 o'clock in the morning. I was exhausted, like I was almost every time I came back from a night out. I wasn't sure where Bruce had gone but he wasn't here. I sighed and walked up to the Bruce Manor and into "my" quarters. Ever since he started to train me, I was allowed to live in the giant house.
    "Robin? Sir? Why back so late?" asked Alfred. I smiled to the polite old butler.
    "Busy saving the world," I answered with a cocky grin. He just smiled and shook his head. "Where is Bruce?"
    "Master Wayne is...asleep."
    "Alfred?" I interrogated knowing he was covering for his master. "What is he up to?"
    "The master is on a date."
    "Date?!" I snorted trying not to laugh. It was hard to imagine him on a date. I knew he was the richest, best-looking playboy in Gothem but I always wondered how his dates went. I mean what the hell would he talk to them about. He has a hard time talking to me and I know everything about him (mostly). "Well, I'm gonna shower and head to bed." I told Alfred walking into my quarters.
    I walked into the bathroom and took off my cloths. Looking in the mirror I shuttered. My hair was getting long. It was beginning to reach my eyes. I liked to keep it as short as possible just to make sure people never questioned if I was a guy or not. So yes, to answer the gender question....I am a girl. Well, every year I am more of a woman then the previous year. When I met Bruce I was an orphan on the street. To keep from getting robbed, raped or beat up, I dressed like a boy. It has been nearly ten years since the last time I let people see me as a girl. I was now more comfortable as a boy but after I turned 12 it got increasingly hard to be a boy. I now resorted to cutting my hair into a military cut and wrapping my...chest...tightly in first aid wrap. So far it has worked out nicely for me. I have never been a very busty woman to begin with but my face had now lost all the baby fat and I obviously had no facial hair. Luckily, Bruce never questioned things like that. Alfred though, he worried me sometimes. He was incredibly observent.
    I unwrapped my chest and stepped into the hot water. I took in the pleasure as it ran down my body and washed away the dirt, sweat and blood from crime-fighting. I wondered if I would ever tell anyone about my little secret. I mentally patted myself on the back for keeping such a big secret for so long. I took a pair of scissors and began to cut my unruly hair. I had been cutting my hair myself for so long I hardly needed to look in a mirror anymore. It never turned out perfect but it never bothered me. This time I cut it shorter than normal on purpose.