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Annabell Swan Love story
Story published July 6, 2013 · updated September 8, 2013 · 71 pages · 922 readers · 12,234 reads
chapter 18
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Chapter 18

"She can save us. We have to train her." A women said.
"She doesn't know how to control her powers." Said another women.
"Now that she knows, her powers will began to awaken. It won't be long before things began to happen." Said a man.
I sat up. I was in a room. I slowly walked out hearing everything go silent.
"I'll do it." I said making into the large living room where there were more vampires than before.
"If you can't control yourself you could get hurt." Said Jacob standing in the door way.
"If it protect my Bella and Renesmee, I'll do it. On one condition." I said looking down at the floor, then back up meeting Edward's gaze. I looked at Jacob. He looked so sad. Renesmee was asleep in Bella's arms. I looked up to see Carlile. He seemed to know what I was going to say.
"The blood moon is the day the vultori comes. They will be here around in mid day, when it becomes dark, if... if I can't win the darkness inside of me... I want you to kill me. I don't want your to hesitate, make it fast and quick." I said feeling my eyes becoming blurry but I refuse to cry. I do not want to show them I am scared.
"Agreed." Said Edward.
"No! Not agreed! I am pretty sure if Bella was in this situation you wouldn't agree to this. She is my imprint and I will not let any of you touch her." He said shaking.
"Stop. This is my decision. Do what you do best
and watch over the one you really love. Bella." I said.
I don't want to get any more attached then I already am. I need to protect him and if pushing him away is the only way to protect him from me, then I will.
I could see that Edward was reading my thoughts. I didn't bother stopping him.

I know this will not end good. I have a feeling it won't I think I know what I have to do. But you have to promise me to keep Bella and Renesmee safe. When this is over, tell Jacob I do love him and that I am sorry.

Edward nodded his head. Bella and Jacob looked at both me and him knowing something was wrong.