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In Love With A Witch Hunter
Story published July 7, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · completed · 195 pages · 5,362 readers · 65,898 reads
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"Uhhh," I sigh, waking up. I look around to see im in Nicks bedroom. I grab my head, feeling the unwanted pain. I feel a bandage taped around my head. I try to get up, and feel a heavyness in my throat. I gag, seeing the tube that was going down my throat. I slowly pull it out, gasping for air. Why did I have in a feeding tube?

I dont remember anything from when I was hit over the head. I was scared. Was Chloe and Meredith alive? I wasnt sure of the answer, but i did know one thing. Pipper was kidnapped, and she is probably dead.

Slowly I rise from the bed. I remember the book Sabrina gave me when she was alive. I remember an elixir for health in it. It could probably fix this throbing in my brain. I get to Nicks bedroom door and open it. I was across the hall and to my room. Opening the door i seen Aaron. His eyes light up with excitment. "Scarlett!" He chirps huging me tightly.

"Im so glad your awake!"

Have I really been asleep that long?

"How long was I asleep?"
"A week."

A week!?! A week?! Seriously?!

"What?! Whats to day?"
"October the 25, Monday."
"Hows Meredith and Chloe?!"

I was hoping for the best. I dont want either of them dead.

"Chloe is awake, and so is Meredith. There still hurt. Meredith broke her jaw and nose. Chloe just has a black eye, and is deaf in her left ear. And when we found ypu you're head was busted open."

Chloes deaf, Meredith cant eat, and my skull is broke.

"And Pipper?"
"She is probably dead, lucky Meredith huh? Ha, and there also was a dead hunter."

I killed a hunter, and my friends are alive. Thank God!

"OK, where is everyone?"
"Down stairs."

I grab the book off my dresser and run out and down stairs. I stop in the middle of the stair case. As I stood their smiling bright to see my friends. None of them had noticed me standing here yet. Except Mason. He looks up and his eyes connect with mine. "SCARLETT!" He shouts jumping up and running to me.I was so happy to see Mason. Ive missed him so much. Mason picks me up in a hug. I wrap my arms and legs around his torso and neck. Masons face was burried in my neck. "Scar, I wont ever leave you alone again." And i knew he ment it.*-*-*-*-*-* "Ready Chloe?" I ask as she nervously nod her head. Chloe was scared because she's never had magic performed on her. It made her even more nervous when she found out I didnt have much magic experience. "Scarlett, are you sure i'll be ok? Remember in is my hearing your doing this health spell on." "Oh calm down Chloe." It was hard to keep her from being nervous. I mean yeah, there is a chance I could screw up and kill her; but im not telling her that. "Why cant Meredith just do the spell. She does have more experience with health magic then you." There is no stopping Chloe. And the guys werent helping. They all stood there dumbstruck and nervous. Which made Chloe even more worried. "When Sabrina gave me this book she said im the only one who can perform this kind of magic." Chloe was suspisious. "What kind of magic?" Chloe asked furing her eyebrows. I glance at Meredith and we exchange looks. I wasnt really wanting to tell her. "Dark magic." Aaron blurted out."Aaron!" Meredith and I shout togather."What? Im just telling her." Chloe looked scared. Thanks alot Aaron."Hell no!" Screams Chloe jumping from her seat. "Chloe, its just a simple spell." Meredith tells her dearingly. I think she is the only help I have. Chloe takes a seat back down. "Just get it over with." I shurg my shoulders and read the book. I point my finger at Chloe and speak the magic words."Xif siht, eolhc rae murd. Esaelp pleh ho cigam koob. Tcennoc htiw em, ttelracs." Everyone is giving me odd looks. Probably because my eyes are black when i do magic. I finish the spell, and everyone stares. "Did it work?" Asked James. "It worked!" Smiled Chloe. "Ok Meredith, your turn." I fix Merediths nose and my head. Everything worked out fine.