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Being A Celebrities Twin *Finished*
Story published July 7, 2013 · updated 6 months ago · completed · 65 pages · 5,033 readers · 80,510 reads
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* Kate's POV*

I was in my bed, debating on whether or not today was the day i got up and went somewhere. My dog, Bella, was laying next to me. I smiled. My phone buzzed, so i leaned over to grab it.

" Hello?" I asked.

" Hi Kate!" My sister Perrie's voice rang through my ears.

" Hi Perrie!" I said, causing Bella to bark. 

" Can i come and see you? I havent seen you in a long time?" She asked.

" Of course." I smile.

" You live in the same apartment right?" She asked.

" Yup." 

" Be there in 30 minutes. Bye love!" She said.

" Bye." I said, uncovering myself, and slowly touching my feet to the wooden floor. It sent shivers down my spine, seeing as the floor was cold. I walked over to the window, and looked outside. It was lightly snowing. I turned around and hurried into the bathroom. I turned on the water, and stripped out of my sleep clothes. I slid into the shower, and did my normal morning routine. I got out and wrapped a towel around me. I scooped up my clothes and threw them in the bathroom hamper. I walked into my room, opening my closet and inspecting my clothes. I found a nice white jumper and some trousers. I slid them on and brushed through my hair. I shoved it into a bun and ran into the living room. There was a knock on the door. I smiled and opened the door.

" Perrie!" I screamed, engulfing her in a hug.

" Kate!" She replied hugging me back. Bella trampled into the living room, only to be confused by our similar appearances. 

" Hi." Perrie said, kneeling next to Bella. She softly stroked her.


" I didnt know you had a dog." She said, standing up.

" Yeah, i got her last year." I smiled, closing the door. 

" So Kat, how have you been?" She asked, taking off her coat.

" Fine i guess. I still dont have a job." I laughed.

" Eh, i never did, and look where it got me." She smiled.

" How have you been?" I asked.

" Well, with all the touring, and signings. Who knows? I haven't had a me day in a long time." She sighed. 

" How about we do something today? Just us, like old times, yeah?" I asked, standing up. She stood up too.

" Yeah. Pedicures?" She asked. I nodded.

" Of course!" I said, running to my shoes. I slid them on, then securely wrapped my coat around me. I locked the door and grabbed my purse, shoving my keys inside.

" Let's go!" I said, closing the door. We walked through the cold, snowy streets of London. I playfully kicked around the snow, until we reached a small coffee shop. We ordered, then payed and left. We hurried into the nail place, just down the street.

" Brr." I said, holding my coat closer to me.

" I know." She replied. I peeled my coat off and sat in a chair. The ladies came over and started our pedicures. 

" I'm glad we get to spend time together Perrie." I smiled.

" I know. But, I've got to go back soon. The girls and i are very busy." She said.

" Speaking of the girls, how are they? I haven't seen them since you came for a vacation from X-factor." I asked.

" Their amazing. Why dont we hang out tomorrow?" She asked.

" That sounds great. Your house?" I asked. She nodded.


We went back to my flat for a while. We just talked and messed around, as sisters do. 

" Kate, why did we ever get mad at each other?" She asked.

" Who knows." I finished.

" Oh! Look at what time it is! I've gotta get home. I'll see you tomorrow right?" She asked.

" Yes. I love you Per-bear!" I hugged her.

" Love you too Katie-Kat." She smiled and hugged me back. She left and i went into my room. Bella came and layed next to me and i fell asleep.