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My Cat (SebastianxCiel)
My Cat (Sebastianx
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My Cat (SebastianxCiel)

Sebastian walked outside to Ciel at a table near the garden having tea.
"My lord," Sebastian began, "Would you like any sweets with your tea?"
Ciel looked from his tea. There was a short pause.
"Yes. Something chocolate." He said and looked away.
Sebastian cracked a grin and bowed.
"Yes, my Lord." Sebastian said and turned and walked away.
Ciel gave a huff and looked around.
"Hee-hee-hee- if the young master wants something sweet, how's a dog biscuit?" The Undertaker giggled.
Ciel looked up and turned around to see the Undertaker hidden in the bushes with a red headed Shinigami.
"Ugh," Ciel said. "Get those horrid things away from me. They're bloody awful. I prefer Sebastian's... sweets." Ciel gave a mischievous grin.
"Hey!" Grell stood up in astonishment. "Don't you dare get any ideas to steal my man, Ciel Phantomhive!" Grell shouted and stomped his foot stubbornly.
Ciel gave a chuckle.
"Grell, I don't think you should try and win Sebastian's heart anymore... It only gets you stepped on." Ciel said and looked back down at his tea.
Grell growled.
"You dare say that to a woman?" He snapped and ran over.
The Undertaker just laughed.
"Here BOY!" Grell said and picked up Ciel and pinned him on the ground.
Ciel made the sound of a kicked puppy, staring up at Grell with one blue eye, the other covered with his eye patch. 
"You little brat-" Grell said grabbed something from his back pocket and forced it to Ciel's lips, holding his nose and making him drink the potion.
Ciel forcefully drank it, sending a fizzling sensation down his throat before he started to violently cough.
Grell laughed.
"That's what you get for messing with a woman's heart, Ciel!" Grell said and stood up before running and hiding in the bushes again.
"Grell, what was in that potion?" The Undertaker asked, gnawing on one of the dog biscuits he had.
"Oh, just a potion to turn him into a cat- Oh no! Bassie loves cats! What have I done?! Oh no, no, no, no!" Grell yelled angrily at himself.
The Undertaker just thought it was hilarious and started to laugh.
"Shh! He comes that Butler of his." The Undertaker said and pulled Grell into the bushes again since during Grell's rage, he had came out from hiding.
Grell and The Undertaker stared.
Sebastian walked over to find a cat. Ciel's clothes had disappeared. He stared at that cat, it was grayish blue with beautiful blue eyes, the other eye was closed.
"Wh-What beauty-" Sebastian said, his red eyes wide as he stared at the cat who was grooming himself.
Grell pouted at that. The Undertaker suppressed his laugh.
Sebastian looked around slyly.
"Hmm. Seems as if my master is gone. He's probably walking around somewhere. And without him, I can have this cat!" Sebastian said, his voice getting more excited as he talked. 
Sebastian put the pudding on the table and leaned down and offered his hand to the cat.
Ciel stared at him, looking generally unhappy.
'You idiot' Ciel thought.
Ciel hissed at Sebastian.
Sebastian chuckled.
"Fierce kitty." He grinned and just picked it up, holding it close to his torso.
"Oh, your paws, they're so soft." Sebastian said, squeezing one.
Ciel meowed loudly and moved around.
Sebastian chuckled.
"Come, let us tour the manor." Sebastian said happily and started to walk around.
"First, I think it would be smart to introduce you to the servants from the Phantomhive Manor." Sebastian said and walked inside, making sure Ciel wasn't inside to see the cat.
Ciel meowed like mad, not wanting cats in the manor... even if he was a cat right now.
Sebastian gave a chuckle.
"You're so noisy... Are you hungry perhaps?" Sebastian thought out loud, looking of to the side for a second before smiling and walking into the kitchen stroking the cats back.
Ciel looked annoyed but found himself making weird sounds... he was purring. Ciel looked at Sebastian and saw him smiling still. Ciel stared for a second before looking in front of them again to see them entering the kitchen.
Bard looked over at Sebastian in surprise.
"Aye! What do you think you're doing with that cat in the manor? Ciel ain't gonna be to happy to hear about this." Bard said.
Sebastian gave a chuckle.
"Oh, I don't think he'll mind at all. Besides. He'll never find out." Sebastian smiled and tilted his head.
Bard's eyes widened slightly and he stared at Sebastian.
"Er- yes! You're right, Sebastian! Ciel won't ever find out!" Bard said before running off real quick.
"I-I gotta buy some sugar!" He said as he ran off, his words getting lost in the wind.
Sebastian sighed.
"Why can't the servents here be like you, young cat?" Sebastian said.
"You take care of yourself, do things the right way most of them time." Sebastian babbled about how he loved cats. Making Ciel as board as ever.
"Here," Sebastian said, "Food." He set Ciel on the ground with a bowl.
Ciel meowed and sniffed it.
'Awful! Bloody awful, Sebastian!' Ciel thought to himself.
Sebastian watched him with loving eyes. Ciel was about to prance off when he got a look at Sebastians eyes. He looked so excited and full of compassion for his animal. Ciel stared at him, caught in his butlers excited, red eyes. Ciel lowered his head slightly before leaning down and sniffing the food again and licking it.
It was actually quite nice. For a cat. The human part of Ciel wanted to throw up, but the look in Sebastian's eyes made him want to make Sebastian pleased. He'd never seen Sebastian look so excited before. 
Ciel thought Sebastian almost looked like a child who had just gotten the present he wanted so badly for Christmas. It was cute.
Ciel managed to finish the cat food. He looked up at Sebastian who smiled and took his white glove off, getting off some of the food on his face. Ciel found himself purring again.
He saw their contact and licked it playfully. 
Sebastian shivered at the feeling of Ciel's scratchy tongue licking his contract.
"You're such a cute cat. If only the young master would let me keep you." Sebastian sighed and watched as Ciel playfully attacked his hands when he ran them around on the floor.
'Stop! Stop you fool!' Ciel kept telling himself but to no avail would his cat instincts stop. Ciel caught Sebastian's hand again and started to lick the contract.
Sebastian chuckled lowly and picked him up.
Ciel meowed loudly and looked at Sebastian in surprise.
Sebastian nuzzled Ciel, making Ciel purr louder and making Sebastian smile wider.
part 2

Sebastian took Ciel on a tour of his own mansion.
It soon came to and end.
"Well my sweet one... It looks as if its time for you to go." Sebastian frowned.
Ciel meowed and meowed in annoyance, wanting to stay. Not because he liked being a cat and liked Sebastian's attention, but because he didn't want to find himself naked in the front yard of his manor. Sebastian watched him.
"Now now, someday you can come back." Sebastian assured the cat.
Ciel meowed again but Sebastian was about to shut the door.
Meow! Ciel went and Sebastian gasped, wincing slightly when he felt the cat on his back, its claws digging into Sebastian's back.
Sebastian chuckled and took the cat off him and set Ciel outside again.
Ciel meowed and walked around, looking completely pathetic.
Sebastian smiled and shut the door.
Ciel stared at the door, in shock.
He meowed and ran around frantically around the manor, meowing and pouncing on this, try to knock things over to get Sebastian back outside again. 
Sebastian was in Ciel's room now, getting his young masters pajamas ready.
He heard a crash and walked over to the window and saw the cat had knocked over a plant and the cat running around and meowing still. 
Sebastian smiled and shook his head in amusement before taking the clothes and walking outside and to the cat.
"Young master... those were your favorite flowers. Now look what you've done. Naughty kitty." Sebastian smiled widely and leaned down and swooped Ciel up who purred again and rubbed his head against Sebastian's chest. 
"What the hell?!" Grell jumped out from a bush with a net, the Undertaker following him with biscuits, these ones shaped like fish though.
"How did you catch him that quickly?" Grell whined.
"Grell! Are you the one that did this to my master?" Sebastian turned cold, staring at Grell who was shaking and his face was as red as his hair.
"I-er-Um- Ohh look at the time! William is probably waiting for me!" Grell turned and ran straight into William, making Grell fall back on his face.
"Reaper Sutcliff... How many times do I have to tell you stop bothering Ciel and the demon scum?" William sighed and pushed his glasses up slowly.
"Oh,well, I was just waiting for a sexy hunk of a butler to come and rescue me from today, but Instead my butler saved a CAT! A cat, William!" Grell whined.
"You're not upset with me are you?" Grell said and played with his fingers, trying to be cute.
"You turned Ciel into a cat, Grell. Of course I'm upset. Now come along." William said and grabbed Grell by the hair and yanked, Grell cried out in pain.
"Oh love is so painful!" He whimpered.
"The effects on Ciel will wear off before midnight." William said.
"Thank you, William." Sebastian said and turned on his heel and walked inside with Ciel in his arms.
Sebastian walked to Ciel's room and lay ciel down on the bed, Sebastian lying with him.
Ciel meowed and snuggled on Sebastian's chest.
Sebastian watched him.
Ciel was half asleep now but he woke up and gave a pained meow.
Sebastian looked at him.
"You're okay, Ciel." Sebastian assured him, calling him Ciel instead of "Young Master," or ,"Young Lord." 
Ciel yowled and rolled around , noticeably getting larger.
"Shh." Sebastian whispered.
"Listen to my voice." Sebastian said and stroked Ciel's head and watched his young master turn back into a human.
Sebastian had pulled the blanket over Ciel who was now in his human form.
Ciel huffed in slight annoyance.
"Dam that hurt." Ciel said and rubbed his eyes.
Sebastian chuckled.
"You're okay now, though." Sebastian smiled and put Ciel's clothes on him like usual.
"I'll be going to bed now, my Lord." Sebastian bowed, but instead of sitting back up after bowing, Sebastian pressed his lips and Ciel's and kissed him goodnight.
"Goodnight, kitty." Sebastian whispered and left.
Ciel blushed deeply.
"Meow." He said after Sebastian had left.