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Can Fairy Tales Be Real?
Story published July 8, 2013 · updated July 10, 2013 · 7 pages · 24 readers · 73 reads
The Fundraiser
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The Fundraiser

        "Come on Petals! You can do it just relax! You're a really good singer. You'll do great." Bubbles smiled at me and pulled me into a big hug. I hid my face in her neck trying to breathe and catch my breathe.
        It was summer of our senior year, and we were volunteering at a fundraiser festival in the big park in Round Rock, where we live. I was asked to perform and play music during the festival. I started performing when I was little with dancing, I was pretty good, then I moved to theatre, and let's just say I'm not the best dancer, But ever since I was young, I was singing. Now don't get me wrong I wasn't like Katy Perry and sounded like an angel at three years old, but as I got older I tried to get better with classes, choir all of that. I've been told by many people that I'm really good. Sometimes I would get together with friends and we would all play in a little band together, and then at 16 I got a job at a cafe as a singer. Even that though, I knew that my dreams of having an album, were a one in a million chance, so I just tried singing when I could. I usually always get nervous right before I go on stage, but when I'm on stage it's like i belong there. My best friend Bubbles was always by my side ever since kinder.
        "Bubbles....." I said backing up from the hug.
        "Yes?" She said with a worry look.
        "You'll be playing guitar and singing back-up right?" I said looking at with a silly smile, only to have her laugh.
        " Of Course! And we can even play the duet we wrote." We weren't in a band or anything, but sometimes I perform with her playing guitar on stage and the duet song, we write songs sometimes, well she does, but the duet we wrote together, and we like to perform it every now and then.
        "Curtain call girls." A lady with a headset on said. We headed to the stage got in our spots and once the curtains rose we played an opener, which was one of my favorite songs "Evacuate the Dance Floor". After that we song our duet then took some request from the audience. After about an hour we took a break. I was heading off stage when a man at the right hand side backstage waited for me. When I got to him and was about to walk past him, he asked to talk with me. His voice was familiar with that english accent, a little nervous I followed. He went to spot where a light it his face before turning around to look at me, I was so shocked by who it was. I was even sure. Then with his english accent he spoke.
        Hi, I'm Simon Cowell. And I think you're an amazing singer. I'm not very easy to say someone's got talent but you got it. What do you say we talk?" Oh my god, Simon? What's he doing here!? He directed me to sit on the couch next to us.
        "So I don't mean to sound rude when saying this, but what are you doing here!? I mean why?" I asked a little confused but still trying to sound sweet.
        "Haha, well, I'm here for work. I have to go to a concert Saturday then I can go home. Seeing as I had two days to wait, I decided to go look around. I saw this fundraiser on a website and decided to check it out." He said while chuckling. Work? What kind of work?
        "5 minutes till second curtain call." The lady with the headset said. 
        "I gotta get back on stage. I'm really sorry." I said standing up. He got up to and grabbed his phone out of his pocket.
        "No, it's quite alright. Go perform, I gotta call some people to come down and check this out anyways. Will talk after." He said while dialing a number then walking away to talk on his phone. well one more hour and then I'm done. I was a little sad thinking it was already almost over. I got back on stage and once the curtain was up we played "Just haven't met you yet". I feel so natural and comfortable on stage dancing along, moving my hands as i sing walking around messing with the members of the band behind me. We were halfway into our hour when I noticed a limo pull up in the parking lot, thinking it was justr Simon's 'People' I ignored it. Finally the hour was up. We all took our bows played one last song, "Live while we're young". Once we were done everyone rushed off stage and I followed behind. I walked up to the table with that waters, grab a bottle and started chugging. When I was halfway done with the bottle, someone tapped me on the shoulder saying "excuse me" in an english accent, thinking it was Simon I turned around. Once I turned one my heels, who knew my fairy tale awaits.

A/N: Hi guys! My second story, but still kinda new at it. Let me know what you think? I really want to know if people even like it. I love writing, and I'm a directioner, so writing fan fiction was perfect. Well just let me know what you think!