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Their Little Angels
Story published July 9, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · completed · 72 pages · 4,068 readers · 39,832 reads
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The wonderful couple of Zerrie. They decided that in this moment, they knew they were in love. They knew it was time to get married, and start a family together. On their wedding day, Perrie found out she was pregnant, but she and Zayn were the only people who knew. Word started to spread, and now the whole world knew about the growing child inside her. She didn't mind though, she liked the feeling that she was carrying a little life inside her. When Zayn would come home, the first thing he would do was rub her stomach.

He was excited to be a daddy, and Perrie was happy that it was him who would be the baby's dad. No matter how far along she was, he would come in, and rub her stomach. He'd sing to the baby, and kiss her stomach. She would sing to the baby too, they were happy. They had a doctors appointment at 5 months, to check the baby, and see the gender. Perrie was just hoping for a healthy baby. When she got to the doctors office, they told her she was in for a baby boy. Zayn was happy, but he would have been happy either way. She went home and called her band mates. They loved her baby belly too. They would rub it and laugh when they could see it kick.

She excitedly said, "Its a boy!" They squealed and hugged her. They told their bands that they wanted to name their baby boy Jackson. Both bands loved the name. She was happy that they were happy. Its as if nothing could go wrong. But during the next week, she was feeling less and less of the baby. He wouldn't kick as often as he used to, no moving. When Zayn came home one day, she was worried. "Maybe we need to go to the ER. This doesnt feel right." And with that, they went to the Hospital.

Unfortunately, Perrie's feeling was right. They had lost their baby, and Perrie was way worse then devastated. She was depressed. She wanted nothing to do with the outside world, knowing that her baby had just died inside her. She started hating herself for it, no matter who told her it wasnt her fault. Her depression lasted for a month, but with Zayn's help she forgave herself, and they went back to normal life. One morning, whislt Perrie was cooking breakfast, Zayn came over and showed her an add for an orphanage, that was close to going bankrupt. She sighed, knowing that he wanted to go and maybe take a baby.

The nursery for Jackson was done, and Perrie especially snuck out of bed every night and peeked into the room, not hearing her small baby inside. He begged her to go with him, she gave in and they planned on going that day. When they got there, Perrie wasnt sure she wanted to go inside. But Zayn begged her and yet again, she gave in. They met many beautiful children. She saw many little baby boys, and thought to herself, "I could still be pregnant with my baby. Why did God need him? I needed him." Tears rolled down her cheeks as she smiled and let the babies grab her fingers. Whist Perrie was with the boys, Zayn went over to inspect some other children, just to see if he could get Perrie to adopt. He wanted to. His eyes fell on little girls, he suspected they were twins. The owner came over and told him that they were in fact twins, and that they were 9 months old. He called Perrie over and she came. She noticed the twins beauty, with their blonde hair and blue eyes. Their names? Megan and Kendall. They were twins, but you could tell them apart. There was something about them that you could tell, but it was hard to explain. They were almost her children. Zayn smiled, as Perrie walked up to one of them and the baby shoved her arms out, wanting to be picked up. She picked up the baby, and smiled.

"We'll take them home with us." She said, looking at the other baby, who was almost asleep. Zayn picked up the almost sleeping baby, and cradled her in his arms. They signed some papers, and the children were theirs. The orphanage had their car seats. They strapped them in and were ready to go home.