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One Direction Dark Imagines
Story published July 9, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 23 pages · 5,176 readers · 17,318 reads
Zayn Malik - The C
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Zayn Malik - The Crash

        You and Zayn had been dating for a few years now and you were living together. You were in the kitchen making dinner when you heard him come walking in the house. Rushing to go and see him, you run out from the kitchen and to the doorway. Turns out, it was the rest of the boys, except for Zayn, and they all had sad expressions on their faces.

        “Guys..what’s wrong?” You ask, hoping that everything was okay and they were just putting on an act.

        “Well, there’s not an easy way to say this Y/N but-” Harry was cut off by Louis. “Zayn got in a car crash. He’s in the hospital right now.”

        “You’re kidding, right?” You ask with a fake laugh. “Zayn’s a good driver and he would never get into a crash you tell them.”

        “We’re not kidding Y/N. He’s in the hospital right now, we came to get you.” Niall said with small tears dripping down his face.

        With that, you rushed to turn the stove and everything off, grabbed your purse, and rushed out the door with the four boys following quickly behind. You all jumped in the car that the four had come in. Once you got to the hospital, you all rushed out and went to Zayn’s room.

        “Calm down Y/N. He’s still alive!” Liam said softly, not wanting to startle the sleeping man. “He looks terrible though.”

        You went over to the hospital bed and grabbed Zayn’s hand. It was probably the one place that didn’t have a cut or something. Then, you felt something twitch on Zayn’s hand and he slowly opened his eyes. “Y/N.” He smiled softly.

        “Thank God you’re okay.” You said softly crying. “Please, don’t ever worry me like this again.” By now, there were tears streaming down your face. “Why did you crash? Were you drinking again?”

        “I didn’t mean to crash...I was trying to text you to tell you that the lads and I were going to go out for some drinks.” He sighed softly. You just now noticed that the other four boys had stepped into the hallway and were muttering about something.

        “Zayn. Just please, promise me that you won’t do that again.”


        “Text me or call me when you’re driving or whatever. I don’t like seeing you hurt.”

        “I promise.” He smiled weakly as the four boys came into the room.

        “Hey, Y/N, visiting hours are over now I we need to go.”

        You kissed Zayn’s lips softly and walked out. Zayn got out of the hospital about a week later, he was back to his normal, mirror loving, self.

I'm not taking requests at the moment, I currently have a few to write. Once they're written however, I'll open it back up! xx