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Ninja Flu -Neji One Shot
Story published July 9, 2013 · completed · 3 pages · 3,006 readers · 3,742 reads
Ninja Flu!!~
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Ninja Flu!!~

You -----> Age 17

"So that is why, ____-chan, you will be going to the Hyuuga compound to assist Neji in whatever he needs" Gai sensei explained, you and Tenten both groaned,

"Why does she get to do it?" Tenten whinned, you rolled your eyes,

"For once i agreee with bun head" you grumbled, Tenten glared at you but nodded in agreement,

"No, we want Neji to get better, so ____-chan will be going" he stated in a 'there's no room for argumment' tone, you sighed and shrugged,

"Whatever, i'll go" you agreed, Tenten looked like smoke was going to come out of her ears. You chuckled slightly as you walked towards the Hyuuga compound. Stopping at the gates you looked blankly at the pale eyed man before you,

"State your business please" he said, not rudely, actually nicely, but with autority. You just smiled and shook your head,

"I'm looking for Neji, he's sick and i've been sent to care for him" the man nodded and pressed a button,

"We need an escort to bring Ms." he motioned for you to say your name,

"_____ _____" you said, he nodded

"_____ _____ to Neji Hyuuga" there was a muffled reply and the gate opened, a woman in a purple kimono was standing there, a graceful smile on her face, her dark hair was tied loosly in a bun. She motioned for you to follow her, you nodded and followed quietly. You looked around as you walked, smiling at the beautiful compound, why had you never been here before? You were decent friends with Hinata, and hell you were Neji's team mate. You could bet Tenten had been here, but why did that matter? You sighed and kept going, following her to a small house at the edge of the compoud. It was much different then the rest of the houses, it didn't look as well kept, still nice, but different.

"Here you are" she said politely, "Master Neji's house" you nodded and smiled,

"Thank you" you replied and she smiled, scurrying away. You walked hesitantly to the door, knocking once. No answer. Twice. No answer, you growled and knocked repeatedly, very hard, you could hear it echo. Suddenly, the door flew open, a shirtless, very sick looking Neji stood in the door way,

"What" he hissed, you took a step back at his tone of voice,

"Gai sensei sent me to take care of you.." you mumbled, pushing him out of the way lightly, noticing how he stumbled backwards. You shrugged and walked up the stairs and down the hall, seeing an open door, you walked in and saw kleenex bunches on the floor near the trashcan, very few actually in the bin. The bed sheets were scattered and empty ramen bowls were on the tabel. He followed you in and plopped down on his bed,

"I don't need anyone to take care of me" he said, his voice was raspy and sound deeper then normal. You sighed, he started coughing, and soon, his eyes changed, his bayakugan activated. you laughed

"Dude, your eyes activate when you cough?" he growled,

"Or sneeze or move" he spat, you covered your mouth to muffle the giggles. He glared at you, de-activating his eyes,

"I don't need anyone to take care of me" you mocked him, he sighed and put his face in his pillow,

"Just get out" you shook your head, even though you knew he couldn't see it. You laughed,

"I'm not leaving, and you're still sick, tell me how i can help" you said with a smile and thumbs up, you heard him groan, but saw him smile into his pillow. He sighed,

"Can you clean this mess up?" he asked, his voice hoarse, he coughed and you nodded, refraining from laughing when his eyes activated. You quickly went to work around the room. Picking up dirty clothes and putting them in the hamper, bringing dirty bowls into the kitchen, and finally, picking up old tissues and throwing them out, emptying the trash can after and placing it back. You smiled and the resting Neji who looked ready to pass out,

"Go  to sleep" you said, he nodded drowsily and layed his head on the pillow, and before you knew it, he was out. You smiled and brushed a peice of hair out of his face. Your fingers grazing his forehead as you did so. You yanked your hand back quickly though, feeling how warm it was. You quickly went into the bathroom and ran a cloth under cold water. Wringing it out and folding it, placing it on the sleeping Hyuuga's forehead. Then, you sat down in the corner of his room, and waited.

"____-chan" A groggy voice spoke, shaking you lightly, your eyes fluttered open and you noticed the room was dark around you now. Neji stood above you smirking,

"If you wanted to go home, you could've left" he said, you noticed the colour had returned to his face, he looked well.

"I don't abandon my mission, and hey, you look much better" you said, barely trusting your voice, now only realizing how close the two of you were and how little clothes he was wearing.

"I am, i guess Gai-sensei sent a nurse a little too late" he said with a chuckle. You nodded, standing up and heading for his bedroom door,

"Wait" you turned and looked at him expectantly, "You can't leave now, it's the middle of the night" you sighed and looked at the clock on his bedside table, ssure enough it read 1:37am. You yawned and nodded, but remembering your past walk through of Neji's house,

"Uhh, how will that work Neji-san?" you asked tirredly, he looked around,

"You can have the bed" he said, you shook your head,

"You were sick you shouldn't be givin-" he cut you off,

"Then i guess we're sharing the bed" he said with a sigh, but there was a hint of happiness in his voice, you just shrugged,

"Fine." you crawled into bed, making sure to keep your distance, and fell asleep quickly.

~When you wake up~

You snuggled closer to the warmth that surrounded you, but hearing a chuckle your eyes snapped open. Seeing your arms around Neji's tors and his around yor waist. Your head resting comfortably on his chest.

"Did you know you hug things in your sleep ____-chan?" Neji asked with a smirk, you felt your face heat up and shook your head, for once at a loss for words.

"S-sorry" you stuttered nervously, seeing how shirtless he was, he just chuckled.

"It's not problem, if i'm being honest, that was one of the best sleep i've had in weeks." he admitted softly, you smiled shyly, what was that supposed to mean? "I like you ___...alot" he said, as if answering your thought,

"It wasn't a thought, you said it out loud" he laughed, you cursed. "So...what do you say?" He asked. You looked into his lavender eyes and found youraelf seeing why Tenten adored him so much. Neji was a very attractive boy-man. And he liked you, and you were starting to think you liked him. 

"I'm not going to tell you i love you, because i don't. But i have a feeling i will" you said with a smile. Thus began your happily every after!