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She Took My Heart When I Was 15 *Jake Miller Love Story*- Fi
Story published July 10, 2013 · updated December 22, 2013 · completed · 14 pages · 285 readers · 2,366 reads
Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

-------3 years later ------
So, I moved in with my mom and my younger sister in California and I've been living here for about 3 years now! They actually aren't snobby like I remember them as.. I'm still a Victoria Secret Angel, I did have sometime off because two weeks after I moved here I found out I was two months pregnant! I had a beautiful baby girl, her name is Scarlett Marie Miller! I didn't wanna have her last name as Miller but my mom and sister kept saying I should so I did it just to keep them quiet. Jake doesn't know about her yet, but he probably will here soon...  Rayne knows about her and she's came to visit me for two months and she's brought my little nephew too because Logan's was doing a movie in Canada. His names Adam Stanley John Hudson-Lerman, he's right adorable! Scar and Adam are like best friends already! Logan knows about Scar too now, Rayne made him promise he wouldn't tell Jake about her though! He's doing pretty good with it, I know its probably hard for him but he's doing it! Rayne and Logan got engaged and are getting married in today! I'm the Maid of Honor! I helped her plan the wedding, I hope it turns out good! Scar's gonna be the flower girl and Adam's the ring boy! Then theres Jake who's the best man. She made her sister Rebecca and my sister Jayden the brides maids along with two of her two cousins ( Stacy and Kaley ), then two of Logan's friends ( Liam and Ben ) and two of his cousin's ( Nathan and Carl ) are the groomsmen! We did the rehearsal last night, Jake couldn't make it because he had some music thing to do, Thank god, the less I have to see him the better! Anyways, Rayne and Logan's getting married in this beautiful field/meadow type place in Atlantis, Palm Beach, Flordia, it's gonna be around when it gets dark then their gonna have the reception down the road from there! Its gonna be amazing. Everythings already set up and now we just gotta get everyone ready! We have the Brides Maids, Scarlett and Adam getting ready with Rayne and I in the hotel!
"Where do we start?"Rayne asked me, as we sat in the bedroom of my hotel looking at the dresses and one little tux.
"Well, the hair and make-up people will be here soon so I think we should get the brides maids finished first cause we can get them done quickly then we can get Adam and Scar done with so Jayden and Becca can keep an eye on them while I help you get ready and I can finish getting ready aswell?"I asked her.
"Yeah, I like that idea!"She replied
"Alright, I'll grab their dresses and you can grab their shoes then we'll get them to change before the people show up!"I say to her. "Alright!"She replied going towards the closet and grabbing their shows as I grabbed the bags of dresses that said their names on it then we brought it out to the livingroom of my room and gave them their things.
"Now, the hair and Make up people will be here soon so please get changed quickly guys!"Rayne told them. They all did what she told them too and got changed quickly! Just as they all were finished there was a knock at the door.
"I'll get it!"I say as Rayne helped them zip up their dresses and stuff!
"Hello, I'm Amber and this is Kate, we'll be doing hair. And this is Jessica and Leah and they will be doing Make-up!"A girl says.
"Hi, I'm Samantha the maid of honor, the bride is helping zip up the brides maids dresses which is who you'll be doing first! You can set up whereever you'd like and make yourself at home!"I told them. 
"Lets get Scar and Adam changed so they'll be ready!"I say to Rayne after they were almost finished.
"Alright!"She says before we go grab their outfits from my bed and bring them to Scars room in the hotel where they were playing at. We changed them quickly then we brought them out and got there just after they got finished! I looked at their beautiful outfits (They all had the same thing on)
"You girls look beautiful!"Rayne tells them. 
"Yeah, they did a good job!"I say, they smiled."Jayden and Becca, could you guys take Adam to do something for now that he won't get dirty and his suit won't get wreaked along with your dresses then come back and get Scar in like a half hour to get them something to eat? Just cover their outfits so they won't get wreaked please?"I asked 
"Sure! Come on Adam." They say bringing Adam out. 
"You two can go do something just don't wreak your dresses!"Rayne told her two cousin's. 
"Alright!"They say before walking out. 
"Scar, this is Amber, Kate, Jessica and Leah, they're gonna do your hair and make up, alright hunny?"I say to her. 
"Awight mommy!"She says before going and sitting down so they could get to work! After about 25 minutes they finished with Scar (Thats her and Adam pretend and pretend the red is baby blue!)! 
"You look so pretty, babygirl! Did you say thank you?"I asked. She nodded, smiling!"Good girl! Now can you go watch cartoons on the couch until aunt Jay and Becca get here while mommy and auntie get ready?"I asked.
"Yup!"She says before going over and sitting down. Rayne and I started to get our hair and makeup down and soon finished! I paid the girls and they left. "You look beautiful!"Rayne says to me.
"Look who's talking, Mrs.IlookSoAmazingOnMyWeddingDay!"I tell her.
"You think?"She asked.
"I know!"I replied.
"Thanks! How long do we have?"She asked.
"We still have an hour till we leave."I replied.