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Irresistible ( Sequel to Truth Is Where The Heart Lies - Nev
Story published July 10, 2013 · updated 1 day ago · 152 pages · 1,345 readers · 13,603 reads
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       Alexis's P.O.V
      I sit in class , trying to listen to my professor talk and tapping my feet impatiently . This lesson is running later than normal . Jeez , why do we have to focus on this one little paragraph ? Normally I'm happy to read and write and stuff , but right now I'm too anxious to get back to my fiancé Nev , it's our one year . We're not doing anything fancy because we aren't like that , but we're still doing something special for the both us . Realizing that I'm not going to be able to focus on the lesson , I relive the moment Nev proposed . 

       I was stil sitting in shock after the beautiful speech Nev recited to me . All I wanted to do was attack him with hugs and kisses , but all I did was say a very choked up " Nev you know I'll always be yours . I love you . " He smiled  at me with that adorably dorky Nev smile , but there was something more in it . More love with a hint of mystery . He hold up his finger , silencing me . 

       " I love you too but I'm not done yet " , he told me . I was really confused . What more could there be ? It was already so amazingly perfect . I look up at the sky - the sun was just beginning to set . I think for a moment if someone painted that particular sunset over the ocean , it would end up in a high class art museum . I was too busy admiring the sunset that I didn't even notice Nev pulling the small velvet box out of his pocket . He's looking at me like he's so amazed by me . As amazed by me that I'm amazed by him and that sunset . There's still a trace of the smile on his face , but most of it is in his eyes . When I look into his I can physically see how much he loves me , and the look is so much stronger than normal . A look filled with love , hope , curiosity , amazement , and so much more . I could be with him forever ( which I know I am ) and still not be able to fully read all the emotions in his eyes . 

       He took a deep breathe . " Will you marry me Alexis ? " 

      He's , he's proposing . To me ? For a second I'm so stunned I can't even answer him , but I do feel the tears prickle in my eyes . Tell him yes , you idiot ! I tell myself .

       " Yes ! " I exclaim . " A thousand times yes ! " The cup of Chocolate Nougat Crunch ice cream slips out of my hand as I spring up and run into his arms . I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he wraps his arms around me . He swings me around , then dips me , giving me the most passionate kiss I've ever received .

       " Now you can never get rid of me " , he says with a wink , before giving me another movie - like kiss . 

       I am so into my memory , that I don't even notice my professor calling my name . I hear some other kids snickering . " Alexis  Smith ? Do you know the answer to the question I just asked ? " he says , overly annoyed and sarcastic . 

       " What question ? " I ask , probably sounding completely dumb . And this is why I have no friends here . . . I think bitterly . 

       My professor rolls his eyes . " Just because you're dating some celebrity doesn't mean you can just slack off " , he tells me . More kids snickering .

       Since the professor is being majorly rude to me , I decide to give him a smart ass answer . " Actually we're engaged . . . " I tell him . The class laughs again , but not at me this time . 

       " Okay whatever Mrs . Hollywood . Class dismissed " , he says . Finally ! I think , hopping up from my seat , grabbing my stuff , and racing out the door . Nobody - not even that professor - can spoil my good mood . I'm so focused on getting to Nev , I don't pay attention to my surroundings . One second I'm sprinting to my car , the next I'm knocked down onto the floor with my stuff scattered around me . I curse . Anything to keep my away from Nev . . . I start to pick up my stuff , but somebody stops me . 

       " Allow me " , the person says , " considering I knocked you down and all . " 

       I look up and find myself staring into a pair of cloudy , intense blue - gray eyes . I've never seen this boy before ; he's not in any of my classes . He has the figure of a basketball player , pale skin , black hair that kind of swoops , and those amazing ( not as amazing as Nev ) eyes framed by dark lashes . He has an apologetic look on his face and his mouth is pulled down into a frown . He hands me my stuff then helps me up . 

       " I'm Adam Cane " , he tells me , extending his hand . I shudder at the name . Adam . So many bad memories with that name . . . I ignore the chills and shake his hand .

       " I'm Alexis Smith " , I say with a smile . He smiles back - a wide , wolfish smile that exposes his perfect white teeth . I wonder what kind of toothpaste he uses . . .I shake that stupid thought out of my head . 

       " I'm sorry for knocking you over . Can I make it up to you by buying you lunch ? " he asks . I can't tell if he's genuinely sorry or if he's trying to flirt , but either way I have to turn down his offer .

       " I'm sorry , I can't right now . I have to get home to my fiancé - it's our one year " , I tell Adam . I have no idea why I'm explaining myself to him , I could have just told him no thanks . . .

       " Fiancé ? " he asks , raising an eyebrow quizzically . " Oh , oh yeah . You're the one seeing the Catfish guy . Nev or whatever . " I can't help but notice he seems a little disappointed .

       " Yep , that's me . Nice meeting you , but I really have to go " , I tell him hurriedly , I start to take off but Adam catches me .

       " Can I at least get your number . I always see you walking around all alone " , he says with that wolfish smile . Well thanks for reminding me that Nev and Max are my only friends . 

       " Okay , but by the way I'm only walking alone because I really only have time to do my school work and spend time with Nev . I'm trying to graduate early " , I tell him ( once again not knowing why I'm explaining myself to him ) , giving him my number . 

       " See ya around Alexis " , Adam says .

       " Mmmhmm " , I say , then rush to my car , already half an hour later than I should be . 

       I'm halfway home before I get a text . Hey Catfish girl :) . I chuckle at that and at a red light I save his number . I don't bother texting him back though , because I have to respond to all of Nev's texts . 

       Where are you ? 

       I'm soooo lonely without you my love ;(

       Is your professor keeping you late again ? Do I need to have a " talk " with him ?

       I smile and blush . My fiancé is so adorable . I love when he gets like this . I respond by saying , I'm on my way , I'm lonely without you too , and Yes he kept me late , you should have a talk but I don't want to get kicked out of the class . I love you and I'll see ya soon <3 

       The light turns green and I put my phone away . Just a few more minutes until I see my Nev .