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Vocaloid x Reader
VY2 Yuuma
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VY2 Yuuma

*I'm a bad poet. Just warning you right now Plus, this one is a bit shorter than the rest of my stories. Sorry.*
"Yuuma? Are you paying any attention?" you ask as you put your hands to your hips. 
"Huh? Oh sorry." you two were assigned to work together on a class project. He was slightly different from the rest of the boys. He was much calmer, serious, a very good writer and yet is a bit of a troublemaker. However, you thought he was sweet, you could see the good inside him since you two were best friends, you even sort of maybe had a crush on him. 
"Are you writing a poem again?" you ask as he frantically hides the sheet of paper he was writing on.
"N-no. I was just doodling." 
Okay, something was up with him but you couldn't put a finger on it. 
"Class dismissed!" said your teacher. 
"Yuuma? Is there something wrong?" you ask as you put your textbooks into your bag. 
"Um... No." Yuuma says this as he is scribbling on a piece of paper, again.  "It's nothing. Really _______. "
"Erm, okay. If you say so. Please tell me if something is wrong. I'll listen to what you've go to say." Yuuma nods as he waves goodbye to you while you walk home thinking about how bad of a liar Yuuma was.
You have just arrived at school and Yuuma is surprisingly early and he is still writing. You slightly smile but you then frown. "Is he starting to hate me?" you sit down and look at your hands. I hope not. 
"Yo, _______-san!" it was Luka and she was running towards you with papers flying all over the place. "We need a replacement for Kaito! He has a really bad fever! Think about it, Juliet without her Romeo" Luka was totally flipping out. Whatever she was saying didn't make sense. 
"I think I know who can replace him." Luka stops wailing and she looks at you. 
"Who?"she asks. 
"Yuuma." you point at Yuuma as he then looks from his paper with wide eyes. 
"Perfect!" Luka cries as she hugs you tightly. "He's such a great actor too! This play will be awesome!" she skips away as you look back at Yuuma who just dropped his pen. 
"What the heck?! Oh no, I'm such a horrible actor!" now he starts freaking out which makes you laugh but you catch a quick glimpse of the paper he was writing on. 
'My heart, voice and mind are all for you,
This song I dedicate to you,
This heart of mine is artificial but I will keep singing to you and only you,
Let me be the one, the only one for you. 
You blush furiously as you see your name on it while Yuuma was still flipping out. "Calm down ,dude. Your only doing it for one night." 
The performance just started. You were only a sub for Miku who played for Juliet but you were backstage anyway. Yuuma was nervously fidgeting. 
"Everyone take positions!" Luka says as Yuuma and Miku scramble onto the stage. 
It was Yuuma's line but all he said was. "I can't do it" the audience gasps while Miku pouts. "I can't do it without my real princess. And... That person is _______." He blushes red as he says this while you can feel your cheeks warming up. Luka pushes you onto the stage you stumble while Yuuma catches you. 
"I meant to do this afterward but I might as well do it now since I just confessed in front of everyone." he leans in closer as his lips touch yours. You could hear the crowd cheering as you wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him back. 
After you and Yuuma were done the play, you both change and meet outside of the school. 
"Did you mean it Yuuma?" you ask as he holds your hand tightly. 
"Yes, and I am serious. I love you and I really do." you both hug each other tightly, not wanting this day to fade away.