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Lost *Fred Weasley Love story*
Story published July 11, 2013 · updated 1 week ago · 420 pages · 21,956 readers · 297,116 reads
Chapter 7. Slyther
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Chapter 7. Slytherin and Malfoy

Chapter 7
Slytherin and Malfoy
(Year One)

Its only been two days and I was sick of Slytherin. I wasn't allowed to talk to any Gryffindor people with out insulting them. Yesterday Fred, George, Ron, Harry, and Hermione tried to sneak me into the Gryffindor common room but Percy saw me and ordered me out Immediately.
 Pansy Parkinson is my partner for everything and she is so annoying she is constantly talking about Draco Malfoy as if they were going to get married.
Speaking of Pansy she thinks we are friends and tells me everything. She never shuts up and when I try to talk she cuts me off and goes on about her and Malfoy.
Every Chance Fred gets he is always asking about my dreams and every time I try to tell him someone always cuts in when they see me talking to him. Its always either Pansy, Malfoy, Crabe, or Goyle. They are all so annoying Fred and George are helping me plan how to prank all of them on the last day I'm in Slytherin which is perfect. 
Hogwarts is amazing but Pansy is always getting me lost. I remember I was late to Herbology yesterday while Pansy was making up some ridiculous excuse Harry and Ron were laughing at me while Hermione was giving me a sympathetic look.
The first day sleeping in my Dorm I had a dream about Fred. It wasn't my normal dream this time he wanted to try and get close to me but every time he would get closer I would back away and he would start crying telling me that he needed me.
The second I knew I had a nightmare I just couldn't remember what it was about. All I know is Millicent was shaking me awake worried and I was I was crying and I was sweaty and a disaster. 

It was my third day today. Pansy woke me up earlier this morning to tell all of us about how she had her dream about Malfoy and Harry and how they were fighting over her and of course she chose Malfoy. 
I wanted to laugh so hard cause Harry would never date her in a million years. 
As I was getting dressed Gray dropped a letter on my bed and it was very weird cause it wasn't from Hermione, Fred, George, Harry, or Ron. It was from Dudley. 
I could hardly read it cause of his terrible hand writing.

Dear Darren,

Are things going well at that freak school of yours? I will never understand why you would want to go there in the first place. Listen I wanted to say sorry for getting you in trouble and having you get hit by Mom. She actually misses you and wants you to come home you should think about it. 
Why would you want to get out of this house it's like paradise here we get whatever we want and you cold get away from Potter and his weirdo friends if he even has any for that matter.
Think about it. Mom said she would let you keep your Owl and everything. Just write me back and tell me what you think.

                                                        Dudley Dursley.

I screamed in rage and ripped the letter. I tried to keep myself from crying. How could they? I punched the wall and felt a snap in my hand. 
I screamed again. This time in pain. No one in my dorm room was here to help me. "Crap!" I yelled letting go of my broken wrist and opening the door with one hand.
I was running down the halls trying to find the hospital wing when I ran into Hermione. When I mean Ran into Hermione I mean it we both fell on the fell causing my wrist to hurt even more.
"Darren are you okay?" She asked right when she asked I broke down crying and shook my head no. She helped me up accidentally clutching my bad wrist in her hand.
"Whats wrong?" She asked I couldn't manage to find the words until after five minutes of crying on her shoulder. "Hermione can you take me to the hospital wing? I broke my wrist and I will tell you all about it in the Hospital Wing." She looked sympathetic for me and nodded leading me to the Hospital wing.

"Sit down here and I will be back in a few minutes. Watch her please?" Madam Pomfrey said setting me down on a Hospital bed. Hermione nodded then turned to me as Madam Pomfrey walked away.
"Alright so before I came to Hogwarts Petunia was very disappointed in me and the day Harry and were supped to leave Dudley pushed me down the stairs leaving this bruise." I showed her rolling up the sleeve on my arm. I have an even worse one on my rib cage but I didn't want to show her that.
"So I was very angry and I couldn't control myself so I started yelling at him and Petunia heard and she slapped me for the second time ever. Today while getting dressed Dudley sent me a letter saying everyone missed me and I was just so mad that I wanted to cry. I ripped the letter and punched the wall. Hermione she hit me twice and after all the things they did to me when they found out I was a Wizard they expect me to go back?" Hermione was shocked she didn't say anything. All she did was hug me tight. I really needed it. I hugged her back expect with one hand cause the other hurt so bad.
"Look Darren if you want to you could come stay with me over the break for summer." She told me releasing the hug. I honestly had never been so happy before in my life. 
"Hermione that would be lovely." She clapped her hands and did a little dance. Madam Pomfrey came back and stood right in front of me.
"Alright this will hurt but only for a little. You can scream if you want to but you need to get breakfast before your classes start." I nodded and she took my hand and with out a warning just popped it back into place. I shrieked in pain but held back the tears.
She smiled. "Your just like your mom such a brave girl." I smiled and nodded "People keep telling me that." I said sadly

I walked into The great hall just to get pulled out by someone. "Let me guess. Fred and George?" I asked before turning around. I heard them both laugh and of course I was right. 
When Hermione realized I wasn't next to her she quickly ran back outside of the Great Hall to find me with The Weasley Twins. 
"Why were you in the Hospital Wing?" George asked both of us. Before I could answer I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Malfoy.
"You really shouldn't be talking to them. I will tell Snape." I rolled my eyes and before I could answer Fred and George answered for me. 
"Oh piss off Malfoy." Fred said first "She isn't a Slytherin anyways. She will always be a Gryffindor. So go tell Snape she will be gone in two days any ways." George finished
Malfoy glared at them then walked away pissed off. "I would say Malfoy has a crush on you." Fred said annoyed 
"He's not the only one." George mouthed to me making me turn pink. Hermione giggled at George. "I'm going to go eat breakfast talk to you later." Hermione said walking into the great hall again. "Bye!" we all said in union
"Alright so Hospital Wing?" Fred asked I sighed and showed him my wrist which was fixed but still hurt a little and now had a bruised around it. 
"I broke my wrist." They didn't seem surprised at all. "How?" George asked examining it while Fred joined in. "I punched a wall." They both stopped looking at my wrist and now was looked at me like I was Mental.
"Long story I will tell you guys later. Have any of you seen Harry?" They both shook their head no. Great. "But There is something you have been meaning to tell me." Fred said poking my stomach making me laugh a little cause I am very ticklish. 
"Did I?" I asked knowing exactly what he was talking about. Fred and George rolled their eyes in sync. They will always be my favorite twins.
"I will write you about it okay? I promise. Tonight I will send Gray a letter telling you." Fred looked hopeful this time and George winked at him as I wondered off.

It was my third class of the day and Malfoy and Pansy would not leave me alone. I was ready to just bang their heads together and walk away.
On our way to our fourth class Malfoy was going on and on and on about how much he hates the twins and I have had enough of this annoying git.
"Shut up will you Malfoy. There is nothing wrong with the twins. They are both really nice and you don't even know them well enough to judge them. You just hate everyone Harry talks to. Why? Cause your jealous of Harry and I don't know why. Leave him and the Weasley's alone!" I shouted at him making a scene. 
Malfoy smirked "How cute someone likes one of the twins." I felt all the blood out my face leave and I didn't know what to say. 
His mouth dropped open when he realized he was right. He started laughing at me. "I can't believe it. Darren Skyes likes on of the Weasley twins." He yelled telling everyone 
Just then I knew exactly what to say. "Wow Malfoy. You are really pathetic just because I don't like you doesn't mean you have to be jealous. You have Pansy here to keep you company." 
That was the last sentence of the argument cause he shut up right after. 

I was so happy of what I said to Malfoy that I kept a smile on my face for the rest of the day. I was now sitting down on my bed doing my homework. Pansy of course was soooo grateful of course for mentioning her name in the fight Malfoy and I had.
For once she actually asked me something and let me talk. "Is it true you like one of the Weasleys?" She asked I felt my face flush again and I nodded while writing down some stuff.
I heard her bed creak and she sat up straight on her bed. I think she was happy cause she realized I didn't like Malfoy.
"Which one?" She asked  I bit my lip and didn't answer her for a little. "Fred." I finally mumbled 
"This is great. You can be just like your mom and dad except you will be in Slytherin." My mouth dropped open. I realized what they were trying to do. 
I got of bed. "Thank you Pansy." I said. This was a one time only thing. I ran out of the Slytherin common room and down to Professor McGongall's office. 

"You guys know don't you." I asked sitting down in one of the chairs in front of her desk. She looked confused. "About?" 
I sighed "About Fred and I. About how we have been having dreams about each other and you guys know we like each other. The sorting hat wasn't wrong you guys are just trying to re-create my Mom and Father. Aren't you? You guys want to see if the same thing can happen that happened Years ago?" 

"I love her, I knew it from the moment I saw her."
- Fred Weasley
"I love him, I fall in love all over again every time I see him.Maybe thats all we need."
-Darren Skyes

We need each other