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Hetalia x reader (sad stories)
Story published July 11, 2013 · updated 5 weeks ago · 31 pages · 7,435 readers · 37,558 reads
germany x reader t
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Germany x reader tragedy at the stables (fanmade)

note: this story is fan made. it was written by the user Happy-Go-Lucky-the-Lonely . she wrote this one herself and is letting me use it in here. all credit goes to her.

you smiled at Germany as you urged your Palomino mare, Dusty, into a fast canter, trying to catch up to your best friend. Today you were training at the Spanish Riding school, and right now both of you were running the cross-country course. Ludwig was riding his Cremello stallion, Snowflake, towards the Coffin jump. They both cleared it with perfectness, with Germany well-balanced in the saddle and Snowflake had tucked his legs under, barely brushing the fence.
"WOW!" You exclaim, pulling up Dusty. "That was a perfect jump!"
Ludwig smiled and patted Snowflake's neck. "My boy here knows how to jump well...trained by his breeder, Artemis Voulk..."
You smile, having met the kindly woman before. Artemis was very loving with her horses, and insisted to train every horse by herself.
You urge Dusty into a fast canter towards jump 12, and cleared it, but not before knocking down a pole.
You look up, surprised to see a large crow sitting on the roof of the stables. It kept cawing, as though warning of something and it kept flapping his wings. You weren't a superstitious person, but you did remember something about America telling you crows were omens of death.
Suddenly, the crow spread his wings and took flight, flying right in front of Ludwig and Snowflake just as they jumped.
The horse shrieked and strumbled, throwing Germany to the ground with a sickening crunch."LUDWIG!" You jump off your mare and ran straight towards the man, who was over by Snowflake's side.
You take a look at the white stallion, and gasped when you saw that both his knees have been broken; splinters of bone were poking up through the skin.
"Oh god no...." You look away from the sickening sight, your stomach heaving up the remains of breakfast.
It was very clear that Snowflake would have to be put down. He was on the ground, his breathing labored. Germany was leaning over him, not caring that his collarbone had been broken and his busted lip. You looked up in time to see the crow fly off, cawing. It had sent it's warning too late.
The riding school's vet, Mr. Vern, arrived, pulling out a syringe filled with a yellow liquid.
"Y-you can't save him?" Ludwig managed to speak through the lump in his throat. Snowflake was his best friend, and had been with him since the day he was born.
"Sometimes a horse can be fixed up like a human," Dr. Vern explained. "But the damage to Snowflake's knees are too great; he'll never heal, and if I did try anything, he would only suffer."
You went over, trying to soothe Germany. He was crying, giving Snowflake one last hug.
"I-I'm sorry, Snowflake...B-but you won't suffer anymore...I promise, you won't f-feel a thing...." Germany whispered through his tears. "I still love you with all my heart..."
You let the tears slide down your face, having no longer been able to hold them back as the vet pushed the needle into Snowflake's neck vein.Slowly, Snowflake's breathing slowed, and you and Germany watched as the great horse slowly closed his eyes, never able to open them again.
Germany sobbed into Snowflake's mane, and had to be pulled away so they could cart his body away.Nobody went on the cross-country course that day. They were there to bury Snowflake in his favorite paddock, just north of the Birch tree of where he always stood.
"Snowflake was a good horse." The riding instructor, Ben, began. "He had a huge heart, and brought smiles whenever someone was having a bad day....We will miss him, and although he is gone, his memory lives on in here...." He placed a hand to his chest.
You look over at Germany, who had just placed the chrysanthemums on Snowflake's grave.He pulled back, and went to stand beside you, tears still running down his face. After Ben finished his speech, everyone left.
Germany was still sitting at the grave when you came back, and it broke your heart to see him so upset. You went and sat beside him, putting your arm around his shoulders.
"Snowflake's in a better place now...he's not in pain anymore..." Your voice was choked slightly, and with some encouragement, Germany had gotten up to head back towards the car where you would take him home.Standing up, you turned around just last time, and for a moment, you swore you saw a white, translucent image of a horse-Snowflake.
He was standing under the birch tree, and reared, whinnying.
You looked over to Germany, who was watching with his mouth open...You weren't seeing things!
Snowflake whinnied again, before fading into nothing, and you felt his promise float through the breeze.
'I will always be here for you.'