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Story published July 12, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · completed · 60 pages · 49,393 readers · 592,667 reads
Chapter Three.
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Chapter Three.

Emily's P.O.V

I Ran after him since he grabbed my phone. We've been running around the house and Chasing eachother. We are like kids now. "Justin give me back my phone.!" i yelled to him. 

"Make me" and now he really does sound like a kid. I Ran after him and jumped on his back. I Began strangling his hair. He Winced in pain. "Emily Stop It" he warned turning around like a moron.

"Make Me" i said back my hands still on his hair. "What the Hell?" my mom asked. Me and Justin quickly fell apart and i grabbed my phone. "We played around" I smirked. And mom bought it. She is so stupid i can't even..

I Shook my head while laughing and headed to my room. Mom and Justin were in the livingroom. Probably watching a movie. I Laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling. Justin makes so things to turn me on. First he kisses my neck,second he pecks me on the cheek and what's next? Making out with me? I Will not let that happen. 

I Felt my phone vibrate in my arms i got a text.  The text was from Mia. "Hey Em are you coming to my place xx?" i started typing back. "Idk :/" 

My Phone started vibrating again.  "Why,what do you mean??" she asked. "My Mom and that Moron are in the livingroom.Plus it's late my mom will probably not let me." i pressed send. "Escape" was the text from Mia..And it was quite awesome. She has the most amazing ideas when it comes to hanging out. 

dressed up and slowly opened the door. I Could hear snoring from my moms room. Yes! They are asleep. I Walked downstairs and glanced around. It was dark,the light was off. I Opened the door but someone dragged me back. "And Where do you think you are going?" the moron asked. 

"In my friend's house duh" i rolled my eyes while watching my nails. "You are not going anywhere,go to your room and get to sleep" justin closed the door roughly. I Groaned and opened it again,this time stepping outside. 

The second i knew i was onto someone's shoulder and that someone was Justin. "Do i ever told you to do that?" i asked. "No" he shook his head. 

He Opened the Door of my room and placed me on my bed. "Seriously?" i asked. "Yes" he argued. "And what are you going to do if i go to the party?!" i yelled. He walked towards me his face inches apart from mine. 

He stared at my lips as he connected his hand with my ass."You know..."he smirked at me. "We Could easily get along with me being you mother's boyfriend and you as her daughter." My Breathing started getting harder as he pulled me closer. 
"But you make it all drown in the water." this time he connected his lips into mine.

In My Body brushed emotions. I Never expected him to do this. He is going to be my stepdad! He Brushed his lips into mine and begged for entarence in my mouth. But i didn't give him one.  Infact i cut the kiss and jumped into bed pulling my covers to my neck.

"Aww" justin said,i rolled my eyes. He crawled next to me and kissed my cheek whispering "You kiss Awesome" with that he closed the door of my bedroom. I Can't believe what i did..


I Heard my alarm clock ring and i got off my bed. I Slowly did my morning routine and headed to breakfast. I Saw Justin smirking at me from the other side of the kitchen. Where he ate his breakfast. I Smiled slowly back. "Eat fast you are going to be late for school" my mom said.

"Chill,i'm going now" i kissed her cheek and rushed outside. "Did you forget something?!" justin asked. "No" i shook my head. "Come here" he said. I made a weird look what does he want. I Walked over at his chair and he tapped his cheek with his two fingers. 

"I Should get a kiss too right Mom?!?" justin asked my mom. She nodded smiling. I Gave him a quick peck on the cheek and ran outside. 

I Sighed. Why does he need to be so hot?

I Still Can't Believe THIS!!! Omg I woke up this morning and i saw my story having 158 hearts on quotev... I Screamed and litterly woke my parents up. Thanks so much! And keep commeting! :D

 "He Wanted Me,So did i, but we never expected nothing more than a game" -Emily Hamilton.
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