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Story published July 12, 2013 · updated 2 weeks ago · 16 pages · 110 readers · 693 reads
Chapter 6
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Chapter 6

                I got up from where I was sitting with Caitlyn and she got up with me. We walked back to camp together in silence. Neither of us said a word. We did not know what to say. Then I saw Ella run up to me and asked,
                “Mitchie are you alright? We have been looking for you everywhere.”  
                “Yeah I am fine. I just needed to be alone for right now.” I said.
                “Yeah I understand.” Ella said giving me a hug.
                When Ella released me I saw Nate and Jason run up to me. They both were talking at once and I could not understand them. I looked at both of them and screamed at them to shut up. Then I told Nate to speak first.
                “We had no idea that he was dating anyone. I thought he was single.” Nate said.
                “Yeah, he does not tell us stuff anymore like he use to in the old time.” Jason added.
                “Really?” I looked at both of them.
I wonder why Shane did not tell anyone that he was dating Tess Tyler.  I thought to my self for a little bit. I ignored the others talking to each other about this topic. Then I just thought of it. I know why he did not tell anyone.
“I know why he did not tell anyone.” I screamed out loud.
“Really? What is the reason?” Nate asked. I can’t believe that Nate did not figure it out by now. He was the smart one of the band. Just like Jason is the goofy one and Shane is Shane.
“Because Tess probaully told him not to tell anyone. She probally put him aganst every one because of his memory lose.” I explained to the others.
“You may be right Mitchie. That makes a lot of sense now. It explains why he is so distance and secretive about a lot of stuff now.” Nate said.
“So what do we do to help and make him back to normal?” Caitlyn asked.
“We have to get him to remember.” Nate said looking at Mitchie. “And the only way for him to remember is to….”
“Oh NOOOOO! I am not doing. I am not going to break up Shane and Tess. If he is happy then I am happy. That is all that matters right now. He will get his memories back some day on his own.” I said.
I was not going to do that just to make everyone happy. I know that I still love Shane with all my heart but he is with a new girl now and I am just going to have to deal with that. I looked at my friends and said that I was going for a walk. I left them arguing about the subject. I did not want to get involved into it. I know that I am right about Tess and I will confront her about it.