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Creepypasta One shot ;D !Requests are open! :3
Story published July 15, 2013 · updated 2 months ago · 67 pages · 53,076 readers · 663,948 reads
Ben Drowned (For J
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Ben Drowned (For JaneMu)


“What!” Jane said annoyed. “Do you want to play with me?”
“Your annoying..” he frowned and faked cried “JEFF JANE HURT MY FEELINGS!”
“Get a life….” Ben glared at Jeff “Joker wanna be.”
“That’s it!!” Jeff got up from the couch and chased Ben around the house like always. Jane watched them leave, Jane sighed went upstairs. She went to her room and went to sleep. She heard a knock on the window, she woke up and saw Ben waving outside of the window. Jane looked at the clock “Damn it Ben…It’s 11pm… what do you want?”
“Help me…”
“With What?”
“BEN! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!” Jeff said far of the distance. “HELL NO! I’m not getting involved with you and Jeff. Ben glared at Jane and disappeared “What the?”
“Much better..” Jane turned around and jumped “DAMN IT BEN HOW MANY TIMES DID I TELL YOU TO NOT DO THAT?!?!?” Jane yelled at Ben.  “BEN!!!” Jeff yelled out sounding closer. “Let me hide please!”
“No. I to tried.” Ben hid underneath your bed “Get out of my bed Ben.” Jane said as she grabbed his leg and pulled him out “Nooo are you trying to get me killed?!”
“Yes Get out!”
“W..What…? You don’t care if I die?” he said sounding hurt. Jane sighed and blushed “Yes…But-“
“YES YOU DO CARE ABOUT ME!” Ben said as he hugged her tightly “BEN I KNOW YOU’RE HERE!” Jeff said as he was outside of the door. Ben quickly grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close to him “What the-“ Jane’s door was kicked opened. It was Jeff  “BEN I’M GOING TO KI……” Jeff stopped as he saw Ben Kissing Jane. “…..” He didn’t say anything, Jeff turned around and walked away as if nothing happened. Jane eyes widen as Ben lips were on her’s. She blushed as they pulled away “I love you Jane.” He said as he kissed her in the cheek. Jane blushed “Me too Ben…But next time please don’t use me as your shield…”

*I only do Creepypasta X reader not Creepypasta x OC or scenarios*


P.s *I only do Creepypasta X reader not Creepypasta x OC or scenarios*