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TMNT oneshots!
Story published July 15, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · 12 pages · 2,536 readers · 12,624 reads
Leo- Space Heroes
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Leo- Space Heroes

It was a Saturday night and you were at the turtles lair. You told your parents that you were going to stay the night at April's but you were actually staying the night with the turtles. Right now the turtles were training in the dojo and you just sat beside the tree and watched. They were all good, but Leo caught your eye. There was just something about him that you liked. "Y/N," Splinter said. "You will fight Raphael." "This will be easy," Raph said. "Donnie, you better stay here, Y/N might get hurt." "I don't think she will but okay," Donnie said. "Y/N, I think Raph just challenged you," Mikey said. "I know, but he will regret saying that," you said. "Okay, It's on." You and Raph are excellent fighters but, soon enough Raph pinned you to the floor. He won. You had a few bruises and cuts on you but Donnie fixed you up.

(Later on in the night)

Right now, you just got done playing video games with Mikey. You walked into the living room and found Leo on the couch watching Space Heroes. "Hey Y/N, want to watch Space Heroes with me?"Leo said. "Sure" you said. While you and Leo where watching Space Heroes, Leo placed his hand on top of yours and intertwined both of your fingers. You started to blush and so did he."Y/N", he said. "There has been something I have wanted to tell you for a long time." "What is it?" you said. "Y/N, I have liked you for a long time now. Earlier, when you fought Raph and got all of those cuts and bruises, I was about to kill Raph. Hopefully, he didn't mean to. But anyways, all I'm trying to say is that I'm worried about you because (starts to blush) I... I love you Y/N. You were so shocked. You would never had thought Leo loved you back. You were about to say something but the t.v cut you off. Captain Ryan just kissed Celesta. Then you and Leo looked at each other and leaned in and kissed. You felt sparks in the kiss. Suddenly, someone broke the kiss by throwing a water balloon at you two. Of course, it was Mikey." Um... Leo I'm so sorry. Do you forgive me???" Mikey said. "NO!" he said and started chasing Mikey. You, Raph, and Donnie were just laughing away. 

A/N, sorry for the short and terrible chapter. I will make Raph's and maybe Donnie's and Mikey's later.