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Horror Stories and Urban Legends
Story published July 15, 2013 · updated August 1, 2013 · 18 pages · 974 readers · 2,466 reads
Dark Vortex of Evi
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Dark Vortex of Evil and Possession

A teenage girl's interest in the occult draws her into a dark vortex of evil and possession

This is Danielle's story....
This took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at Springs Church. It all started around March, 2011 when I took up an interest in demonology. It didn't take long until the study had converted me from a Christian to a full-out Satanist. I had started attempting to summon demons and I never got a sign there was one there, so I bought a Ouija board.

On April 8, I used it to see if my promised Guardian Demon was there, and I remember the whole thing word for word, and here's how it went:

Me: Is there anyone else in this room with me who wishes to speak with me?

Ouija: YES.

Me: Holy - ! Are you good or bad?

Ouija: B.

Me: Ok.... Will you do anything to harm me or anyone?

Ouija: MAYBE.

Me: Alright then, how many spirits are here?

Ouija: 3.

Me: Okay, what are your names?


I thought perhaps it was just my imagination, so I decided to quit. Right as I was about to leave, I heard loud hissing from all around me.. and it wouldn't stop until my good friend Katrina arrived. So we decided to go to NURV (the Springs Church youth ministry). It was raining and I kept seeing orange auras.

When we got there, I didn't go in. It felt like a huge time gap, because before I knew it, I was inside the Christ session and I was choking. It felt like something was trying to come out of me. I also remember my friend Kelsie praying, but my choking was so bad I couldn't hear anything or anyone.

I was rushed to a secluded area, and then I felt a humongous rush of energy. I couldn't talk or anything, and I felt the time gap again. I remember battling the orange aura and then another time gap. It seemed like forever, and when I felt my consciousness slowly come back, I screamed, "Get out of me!" And then the choking ceased.

But I didn't know if the demon was gone. I didn't know I had three. A girl told me I had experienced "demon evocation" and assured me it was gone. Then the priest began reciting words from the Bible and I felt the orange aura surge again. Time gaps happened again.

My friend had voice recorded the session, but when I listened I couldn't hear the John, the exorcist, talking, but instead only my screaming and a hissing. Here's what I could make out:

John: Tell me, demon, what is your name?

Me/demon: I am 28!

John: In the name of the holy son Jesus Christ, tell me your name!

Demon: Ano 28!

John and Phil: In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to tell me your name!

Demon: I am Belial! One of the Four Crowns and chief of 80 legions of spirits!

John and Phil: (inaudible)

Demon: I will not leave! This girl has repented the worthless and vile son!

John: (inaudible)

Demon: If you can shut up with this religious sh- for one minute, I'll let her go!

Kaitlyn: No, Belial, you have no right to be in this girl, and Jesus Christ, son of God commands you to leave!

Then I heard them chanting Latin and English and then covered by my scream. I then had enough time to yell something. "GET OUT OF MEEEEEEEEE!"

My choking stopped and I burst out crying. Then Kaitlyn told me it was all done, but I felt another power. It was the other demon, Malphas. The exorcism went almost the same, but he actually left. The last one was a Legion, and it's still in me, as well as Belial.

Tomorrow I am heading for my fourth exorcism, and hopefully my last. Possession is not a joke, nor should it be taken lightly. It was the most terrifying and painful experience ever.