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We Can Make It (Carl Grimes Love Story)
Story published July 15, 2013 · updated 6 months ago · 40 pages · 1,583 readers · 9,347 reads
Chapter Five-Journ
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Chapter Five-Journey

        It had been awhile since Rick, Daryl and Michonne had come back, the group was starting to get worried. Hazel sat next to Carol and swung her feet back and forth as she sat on the cafeteria tables. 
        "Should we go look for them?" Hazel asked the group, breaking the silence.
        "No, we can't risk any more people." Glenn said in a stern voice. He was in the corner of the cafeteria sitting with Maggie. When Rick and Daryl were gone, Glenn was in charge since he was the next man in line. Other than Hershel, but Hershel was more of a friendly advice type of guy than a leader. Because if there came a time where the leader needed to get everyone out of a dangerous situation Hershel could not get them out of it due to his leg. 
        Hazel looked down at the ground, rejected. "But what if they are being held hostage by Woodbury? there's nobody to save them but us." She argued back.
        "Well, if they are they will find a way out themselves." Glenn replied again.
        "But we can't just leave them!" Hazel exclaimed.
        "Hazel that's enough." 
        "But- Ugh!" She walked out of the cafeteria into her cell. and plopped onto her uncomfortable bunk bed. They didn't understand, this group needed them, what if they needed help? Hazels thoughts whirled in her mind like a tornado . She was going to go find them, even if she had to do it by herself. She got off her bed and threw her small bit of clothes into her army backpack along with a couple of cans of food she had grabbed from the kitchen. She put her bag under her bunk bed so nobody would suspect she was leaving. She would leave at dawn when nobody would notice her getting out of the prison. She planned to get a car so she could avoid any dangers of walkers,but there was only one problem....Hazel did not know how to drive. She was only 14 years old after all. It didn't matter there was no laws or rules of driving.


        It was the first strike of daylight in that morning, Hazel hadn't slept the night before. She sat on her bed and waited for daylight. She grabbed her bag and tip toed out the door and made sure nobody was awake. She needed to leave in the morning because it would have been to dangerous to leave at night. She looked inside the cafeteria to make sure that nobody was awake. She looked around and didn't see anybody. 
        Hazel opened the door to the prison and went out to the prison courtyard where she could get out of the fences in car she would have to find on the road. There was a lot of walkers outside of the prison that she would have to stealthily avoid. She looked left and right and thought about some sort of diversion to make that wouldn't wake up the others. There was no way, she was going to have to sneak around them. She grabbed a baseball bat just in case some walkers got to close, and also so she didn't have to use a gun. Gunfire would just attract more walkers to the prison, and that was the last thing that the group needed. She made a strategic path to a bundle of trees to avoid any walkers seeing her. She sprinted across to the trees very quickly without a walker seeing her. She stopped in a small brush of trees to catch her breath. 
        All of the sudden a hand was cupped over her mouth and she was grabbed, she kicked and screamed and then the grip loosened. The person let go of her and she heard laugh, not just any laughing... She turned around and saw Carl, laughing.
        "Oh man you should have seen your face!" He said in between laughs. She didn't know what to think of it, she had never heard him laugh before. Pulling a prank on her didn't seem like something he would normally do.
        "What the hell are you doing out here?" She said in a angry whisper.
        "Same as you, going to find everyone who left." He said. 
        "How did you know I was leaving?" She questioned.
        "I didn't, I heard you this morning."
        "Oh..." Hazel trailed off. She thought that she had been sneaky enough to where nobody heard her.
        "Well? are we gonna go or wait for the walkers to have us for breakfast?" he asked.
        "Let's go." Hazel said determined.
        Carl and Hazel walked until they got to the road between the forests. There was only a couple of walkers but they weren't harmful enough to shoot, so they just let them be. After walking a couple of miles or so they ran into a car. It was a dodge pick-up, not the most preferable car they would have chosen but it was better than walking. The truck had about 1/2 a tank of gas left in it, just enough for them to get to Woodbury. Neither of them knew how to drive so they just stood in front of the car until one of them got into the drivers seat. Carl gave in and opened the door and stepped in. He turned on the ignition and rested his hands on the steering wheel.         
        "Well, here we go I guess." He said. He pressed the gas pedal and they were moving. 
        The ride was bumpy and the car was swerving, but that didn't matter, It was apparent to them that there wasn't going to be any other cars on the road so they didn't need to drive any special way. Hazel looked through the foggy window at the sun shining bright, and the fluffy clouds that surrounded it. She closed her eyes and thought of a time long ago.

        Hazel lay on the healthy green grass at her home. The sky was a deep blue and the white clouds shone nicely. She was trying to find shape's in the clouds. Her brother, Mark lay down next to her doing the same. Mark was Hazel's older brother. Mark taught Hazel important things, like how to shoot a gun, start a fire, and string a fishing pole. At the time the things seemed pointless, but they would come into so much use...
        "That one looks like a Flower!" Hazel pointed at a cloud.
        "What, no is doesn't it looks like an upside down mickey mouse!" he teased. Hazel playfully punched her brother in the arm. They did this often, it didn't hurt, it was just how they showed their brotherly and sisterly love.
        "Look that one looks like a cheeseburger." He said. he rubbed his belly. "Boy could I use one right now." Hazel laughed. That was one thing that she loved about her brother so much, he could always make her laugh even if she was in the worst mood. That was one of the many things she missed about him

        "Hazel!" Her thoughts were interrupted by Carl's panicked voice.
        "What!" She said in a worried tone. He didn't even have to answer she knew it already. There was a giant pack of walkers standing in front of them. Hazel's heart dropped.


Yeah, I know I know.... I haven't updated in awhile..... but here you are! my 5th chapter! Please comment! I love to hear your feedback.

and I'll love you.
Just kidding I already love you :D