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Black Butler Love Stories
Story published July 16, 2013 · updated September 9, 2013 · 6 pages · 1,311 readers · 3,295 reads
Ciel Phantomhive
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Ciel Phantomhive

     You were running around with Finnian and Pluto, you have been going over to the Phantomhive's household for about a week now. You knew Ciel ever since you were little, "(Y/N) Pluto bit a bunny" Finnian said as he pointed to Pluto who had a bunny in his mouth, you giggled "So." You said. "Miss (Y/N), Master Ciel wants to speak with you." You heard Sebastian say, you looked at Finnian and Pluto who was running off when  they saw Sebastian. You got up and followed Sebastian inside.
     You sat down at the table, Ciel asked you to come in because he needed to talk to you.You sighed and looked out the window and watched Finnian and Pluto run around the yard, "Miss (Y/N)" Sebastian said as he placed down a plate with some tea on it "Young master will be down soon" Sebastian said as he smiled. You looked down and blushed, Sebastian smile always made you blush. Ciel walked in "(Y/N) I want to ask you out today" Ciel muttered, You nodded "What about Elizabeth?" You asked. Ciel looked at you "Lady Elizabeth, will not be joining us" Ciel said, you got up "Should we go now?" You asked. Ciel sighed "I guess" Ciel answered, you pulled him out the door with Sebastian following.
     Ciel took you out to eat and you two walked around for a few minutes, You looked at everything, the flowers, the trees, you have never been here before. Ciel walked a little faster than you but you didn't mind"Where is Sebastian?" You asked. Ciel smirked "I left him somewhere" Ciel answered with a smirk on his face. 
~With Sebastian~
"Kittens!" Sebastian yelled as he found a box of kittens, Sebastian picked one up and played with it. "Sebastian~" Sebastian turned around to see Grell, "Oh, God" Sebastian muttered
~Back To You And Ciel~ 
     You wanted to ask what happened to Elizabeth but you didn't want to be into Ciel's business, "If you don't mind me asking, what happened to Elizabeth?" You asked. Ciel sighed and looked at the sky "She was not right for me, I found another girl who is perfect" Ciel muttered as he turned back to you, you looked down "I hope that girl is happy with you" You said as you felt your heartbreaking into a million pieces. Ciel saw how you were about to cry and walked in front of you "Whats wrong?" Ciel asked as he pulled back a piece of hair that was in your face, you looked down "Well, You found a new girlfriend" You answered. Ciel sighed "You're about as dumb as Elizabeth, you are the girl (Y/N)" Ciel said, you blushed many shades of red and smiled. Ciel stood up on his tip toes trying to kiss you since you were a little taller, you leaned down and kissed him. "Sebastian, Come back" You stop kissing Ciel and looked up to see Grell chasing Sebastian around. Ciel sighed and you laughed. 
I Will Be Trying To Write This And My Hetalia Story But I Don't Think I'll Be Updating A Lot....But Maybe I Will Since I Type Fast XD