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Jeff the Killers Child (Part Four)
Story published July 17, 2013 · updated July 17, 2013 · completed · 18 pages · 941 readers · 6,916 reads
The impossible pos
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The impossible possibility.

        Jannet walked down the long street into a distant place. Jannet held her stomach, not hungry, but just hurting from all that has happened. She walked further, afraid of the world and afraid of herself. The sun beamed down in her face, causing her eyes to shine. After many attempts to block the sun from her face, she just gave up and ignored the shining brightness stringing her eyes. It made a warm sensation on her face, which she thought was a plus side. Tree's in the distance began to show as she trotted further along the road, her dress slightly blowing in the breeze. As much as she hated to remember... this was the road she took when she had left her father in the woods. She remembered the pain she felt, the dying inside feeling she had struck her once more. She felt like she was nothing in the world anymore.
"You-You can't leave me daddy! Please! I-I'm little!" echoed in Jannets head. The thing that she remembered the most was how her father didn't find dying a bad thing. Was it alright to die? Is it easier to accept it and just... pass?
        Before she knew it she was surrounded by tree's in a familiar place... a too familiar place. She continued walking deeper into the woods, her body trembling from memories... the rain, she coldness, the fighting, the gore, her mother's suicide... her father.
"Don't you worry... You'll find someone to take care of you... You'll grow up to be a big girl, you'll make friends, you'll be a mom..." Jannet remembered her fathers words. Her grip tightened around her stomach, a red tear falling off of her face.
"You'll always be my baby girl... With those dark red eyes..." Jannet grew cold, her body felt numb. Every memory with her father played back into her head, from when she was little to when she said her goodbyes. How she hated to remember that dreadful day. She wished he was back, but it just wasn't possible. He finished himself off... he stabbed himself so he wouldn't come back. It just ruined her dreams to think about it.
        Deeper into the forest the 12 year old went, passing many memories in certain spots, over some. Each memory bringing more pain than the last. A snap in the woods caused her to stop in her tracks. She felt energy approaching... it sparked something inside of her. Not pain and not anything bad... it just...sparked something. "You thought of it all, didn't you, Jannet? How does it feel to be wrong?" a voice from the dark part of the woods sounded. Jannet held her breath... it could not be possible. She turned to the sound of the voice and began walking backward, keeping her eyes locked in the darkness. Where had the sun gone? Jannet looked up desperately to find the sun which was covered by clouds. It was that type of "rainy-day dark" outside now. Jannet felt sick to her stomach, calling out to the voice, "Wh-who's there?"
A laugh made each hair on her body stand up. The laugh was sick... twisted... one of a kind. "Who do you think, brat?"
Jannet turned and began running, passing tree's and logs. Grass smacked against her legs making thin red marks on her skin, a stinging pain following each new line. The laughter echoed from behind her. Jannet knew this wasn't possible, she remembered watching him die... watching the bone crack through his rib cage... his unblinking eyes roll back in his skull. This... wasn't... possible.
        Jannet looked back to check if anyone was following her... no one was. She let out a sigh of relief which was quickly stopped a rush into someone. With a thud, she was on the ground. "Jannet!" the voice exclaimed. Jannet closed her eyes and waited for the pain to begin. She wondered about this death. Would it be quick and painless, like a crack of the spine?... or would it be a slow bleeding out, wishing for death to come quicker. Arms wrapped around her and gripped her tightly. Before she could yank away, she was off the ground and in someone's arms. Wind rushed through her hair as the person began running with twigs cracking beneath them. "Hey! Let me go!" Jannet began thrashing around. "Let me go!, let me go!" Jannet opened her eyes. "Let me-..."
Jannet's heart stopped beating...Her throat clogged up, not letting her talk... Her eyes stopped blinking as they filled with normal, clear tears...
After running through an eternity of stillness, the person set the child down. Jannet stood in front of the figure as he stayed bent in front of her... 
A sudden rush of energy burst through her and she erupted into tears. She threw her arms around the man, who quickly clasped her in his arms. She crashed her head into his bare chest and sobbed as loud as her voice would let her, "DADDY!"