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Harley Quinn and Joker love story
Story published July 17, 2013 · updated July 22, 2013 · 4 pages · 81 readers · 143 reads
Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

"Harleen Quinzel, go to the security section." Said an intercom. Harleen had set her pen down and looked at her inmate. "So, we shall go over these things again tomorrow Tom. For now, just sit tight and wait for your next Psychiatrist." Said Harleen. She got up and walked to the gated door, she leaned on the door and said," Jeremy, open up.". One of the prison guards standing by the cell had opened the gated door for Harleen to exit through, then he closed the door again. "So, how'd it go?" Said the guard walking in front of Harleen. "Well you heard, he's obviously scared of something in his dreams that he won't talk about." Said Harleen. The two were walking down a hallway of cells, most of them were filled with buff guys in orange jumpsuits. One of them had noticed Harleen walking and said to her," Hey Harleen! When are you going to check my illnesses? I'm getting one just staring at you.". "Aw Micheal, someday you will find someone but I'm just not your type. Sorry." said Harleen. The two had got to the end of the hallway and turned left, going into another hallway. This hallway was the security hallway, a making sure that everyone coming out isn't one of the prisoners. Harleen and Jeremy both took out a card that had there i.d. on it and swiped it in a slot, the slot made a bright green color and Harleen and Jeremy walked through the Security hallway. At the end was a door, Jeremy opened it and beyond the door was cafetreia. Pots of plants was placed on the edges of the room and tables were placed in the middle, people in fancy clothing sat in the tables eating. On the other side of the cafeteria was many small restraunts that people waited in line in."It's already lunch?" asked Harleen walking through the cafeteria. "I guess." said Jeremy. 

Harleen had went to the end of the cafeteria and turned left going towards another door. They got to the door and opened, in the next room was another hallway that lead to another door at the end. They had gone down a hallway again and got to the door, on the other side was a room filled with television screens that was to watch around the Asylum. One of the people in the room noticed the two and walked to them," Harleen Quinzel, we have a special offer for you." said one of the security people. "What is it?" asked Harleen. "We wanted you to pick your prisoner to interview, but we will let you decide on your own." said the security person giving Harleen a packet of papers, "There is 5 people on here that are new prisoners.". "Okay, thanks." said Harleen. Harleen and Jeremy walked back to the cafeteria. They sat down and Harleen looked through the papers. "Well i'm going to go get something at Subway." said Jeremy. "Okay, get me a ham and cheese please." said Harley. Jeremy walked off to the small subway restaurant. 

Harleen was fascinated by all the prisoners. There was one prison she seen that was named Gereme Killo, he was said to be the master of suicide. HE had hanged 50 people in just one month. The next was a guy named Black Reef, he was a cereal killer that killed 60 people in two months. Harleen was interested in another person called the Riddler, his real name was Edward Nigema. He was the master mind of riddles and killing people. Then the fourth one was a guy named Heral Nighter, he was a knife master that killed 40 people in 3 weeks. But the last one really caught Harleen's attention. The last guy was named the Joker, no one knew his name but she read that he had worked in a chemical factory. Then one day he had fallen in one of the chemicals and his face turned pale white, his lips were red, and his hair was green. His killing record was that he killed 40 people per week, he had taken people hostage and killed them, he had also tried killing someone named Batman but failed and got caught. "Huh." said Harleen reading Jokers files. 

Jeremy had came back with Harleens sandwich,"Jeremy! This guy named Joker is interesting! He killed 40 people per week, he had fallen into chemicals, and taken people hostages!" said Harleen. "Joker? Thats a weird name." said Jeremy. "I think im going to volunteer for this guy!'' said Harleen in excitement. All of a sudden, one of the intercoms had blasted on and said," HARLEEN QUINZEL! REPORT TO CELL 1456!". Harleen placed the papers in her pocket and grabbed Jeremy's hand and ran towards the security hall.