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Hetalia One-Shots (REQUESTS CLOSED!)
Romania (request!)
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Romania (request!)

"... and then, he was like 'Your blood is delicious~' an she totally screamed it was AMAZING!" 
Vladimir had finished telling the story he just read to me, enthusiasm and excitement evident in his tone of voice. Through out the entire conversation, he used vigorous hand gestures and bad sound effects, ending it all by throwing his hands in the air and emphasizing on 'Amazing' for the millionth time.
I smiled at him, happy to see him happy. He's my best friend after all. I can't help but rejoice when he does, gloom with him, and sometimes even laugh with him (although his jokes can be really cheesy or really scary).
"_____, we should totally see that new horror movie coming out on DVD next week!" He exclaimed. I froze in place, stuck in my tracks. The crunch of dead autumn leaves underneath my feet was no longer audible.
I frowned. "I'm sorry, Vlad, but you know I have a hard time watching horror movies..." He knew that. I can handle a story, TV shows were hard to watch, but a movie was a definite 'NO'.
He took my hands in his and squeezed then, jumping up and down and fidgeting like a child. "Aw, come ooooon!!! It's just one film!" He whined. "It's not even based on a true story like that last one we saw! Please!"
I groaned an shook his hands off. "Vlad—"
"I'll do anything! Please, let's just watch it together!" He begged. "Besides, I already bought it ahead if time online so it gets here by next Friday!."
"What about that new kid from Bulgaria?" I asked. "He seems to like a lot of things you like as well. Watch it with him."
"But I don't know him that well," Vlad pouted.
I sighed, already regretting what I was about to say. "... Fine. But if I have nightmares I'm gonna make you pay!" He laughed and then proceeded to tell me another story.
We walked home as I listened to more of those monster stories Vlad loves to tell. "... but the guys in the leather jackets shot him with a silver bullet, so he died. Kinda sucks, I like it when the monster lives."
I laughed. Of course he would want him to live. He's the kinda guy that would befriend a monster instead of fighting it or running away like a normal human being.
Unfortunately, I was still really frightened by the fact were gonna see a horror movie together. I'm definitely going to lose a lot of sleep and some of my sanity to this guy. This... amazing guy. Ugh, out of all guys I fell for him. The horror-movie junkie. The kid at school that would play scary pranks on people, the only kid my friend Elizabeta hated more than Gilbert, the kid that would scare me half to death in the hallways by putting on gory masks and creeping up behind me. 
But he was an enormous sweetheart once you get close to him. He'd visit you every day at home when you got sick, he would buy you lunch when you forgot your lunch money at home, he would tell the greatest jokes when you were upset or stroke your hair and whisper sweet nothing's into your ear as you cried on his shoulder until you felt better.
My favorite thing was the liveliness in his eyes when he talked about the things he loved, the things that had a special place in his heart. His hazel eyes would shine and smile without his even using mouth, the energy in the being outstanding. I loved running my hands through his hair when he was stressed out, the only thing that would make him feel better. He would lay his head on my lap as I stroke his hair, and he'd curl up in a ball and sleep sometimes. He had a child's big heart, and he knew that, he just didn't know he had taken mine somehow as well.
He dropped me off at my doorstep and we parted ways. Ugh, out of all guys... I blushed and frowned, then closed the door behind me and made my way to the kitchen. I'll just have a snack and go to sleep. My homework can wait till homeroom.
A few days passed and I began to hear more and more of a different topic. The liveliness in his eyes was definitely present, but he was talking about the girl he liked. Again. This was the only time I didn't want to listen to his talking. Whoever she was, she was lucky he talked about her like that. 
"Ah, I just don't know if I should tell her or not," he sighed. His head plopped down onto the wooden desk. "I mean, she's perfect for me!"
I hid the hurt under a thin layer of happiness, because I was happy for him no matter how much I hurt. "You talk about her so much, but I don't even know who she is."
"I told you, I'm not comfortable enough to tell you who she is!" He whined. I placed my hand on my chest and sarcastically put on my best shock face.
"You can't even tell your best friend?!" I mocked. He laughed and playfully pushed my shoulder. The teacher walked by and slammed his ruler on my desk, bringing our attention back to class.
When Friday came by, Vladimir ran to my locker, creeping up behind me like usual. I jumped up and screamed when I saw him wearing a bloody werewolf mask.
"VLAD!!" I exclaimed. He only laughed as he slid his mask off.
"You should've seen your face~!"
I rolled my eyes and we walked outside. "Hey, so about the movie..." he began. I shuddered and closed my eyes. "Well, I was thinking that we should see it at your place so we can have a sleep over! That way, if you're scared, I'll be there too."
I smiled a little. "Thanks. That actually helps a little." He grinned brightly, revealing the fake vampire teeth he occasionally slipped on at random moments. I giggled and poked at the teeth until they fell off. "Gross!" I laughed as I wiped my finger on his sleeve. He laughed along.
It was late afternoon when he rang my doorbell. He was dressed in his black pajama pants and a white t shirt. He held a bag, probably with some clothes, under one arm and held the DVD in his hand. I shuddered again and let him inside. 
We made our way into my room where we sat on my bed with a large bowl of popcorn in between us and a can of soda for each of us on the floor. "Ugh, I really don't wanna watch this," I pouted. He only smiled silently and slipped the DVD inside the DVD player. 
Soon after the movie's beginning I was trembling in fear, chills running up my spine and the hairs behind my neck standing on point.
"AH!" I shrieked as a masked man holding a bloody chainsaw bursted through a door. I grabbed Vlad's arm and dug my face deep into his chest. "NO, NO, NO!"
He was startled by my actions momentarily, then he rubbed my back to ease off my nerves. "Shh, it's okay." He whispered into my ears.
Halfway through the movie and I was hidden under a blanket, my face being the only think peeking out. Vlad only watched the movie with anticipation and excitement, cheering the bad guy throughout the film. When he sliced through a person and the guts spilled out everywhere, I covered my face with my hands as he yelled, "Alright!" 
I dug my hand in for some popcorn and brought it up to my face when he asked, "Can I get some?"
I raise an eyebrow. "You can get it yourself."
"Shh, no please get it for me, I don't want to take my eyes off the screen." He whispered back.
I giggled and neared a kernel to his lips. He plucked it into his mouth, chewed, swallowed, then opened his mouth as if asking for more. I placed more popcorn inside his mouth, when he accidentally closed his lips onto my finger. I blushed as I felt his warm and soft tongue brush against my fingertip. 
He looked at me once it happened, but he find release my fingers. "Uh, Vlad..." I nearly stuttered. He giggled and opened his mouth, then took my finger and wiped it away on his pants.
"Heh, sorry, I was kinda distracted," he laughed off. Even in the dark, I could make out a slight blush coming from him. I smiled back and returned to feeding him popcorn.
By the time the movie ended, Vlad was cheering and clapping while I was a shivering mess under my blanket. "That was a-awful, Vlad!" I managed to choke out. I hate the movie. I'm not going to be able to sleep now. 
He laughed and lifted the blanket over my body where he found me with pathetic scaredy-car tears spilling over my eyes. That's when he he frowned. "Oh, _____," he cooed. He lifted my face up and wiped away my hot tears with his thumbs, then embraced me in a hug. "I'm so sorry. I really didn't think it would be that bad for you."
"I-it's okay," I mumbled. I had stopped crying then and hugged him back.
He chuckled a little. "You know, she really hates this movie. It terrified her," he whispered. I frowned and pulled away. "What's wrong, _____?"
"Who is she?" I asked irritated. His eyes widened a little at my harsh tone, but I couldn't take it any more. He brought up this total stranger at a time like this when it was only the two of us. "Well?!"
He sighed and put an arm around my shoulder. "Seriously, I'm surprised you haven't caught up to this by now." He mumbled with slight disappointment. "Haven't you noticed I've been describing you whenever I talked about 'her'?"
My eyes widened. No, there's no way...! "V-Vlad—"
"The only reason I haven't told you is because I can't risk what we already have," he frowned. His head hung low, his light brown hair covering his face from every angle. Oh no, he was upset again. I placed my hand on his face and gently brought his head down to my lap when I began to stroke his hair. 
"I'm sorry I'm so dense," I whispered. I guess I should've seen that he meant me. I mean, 'she' has my same (h/c) hair and "sparkling (e/c) eyes".
He chuckled and looked at me straight in the eyes. "It's alright. I'm prepared for rejection."
I raised my eyebrows with astonishment. "What?"
He nodded and curled up on my lap. "I know you can't possibly like me. I'm weird, I'm loud, immature, and my favorite thing in the world is what you hate the most."
"That may be so, but my heart chose to overlook that," I whispered low enough for only him to hear. I could feel his face heating up as his face dug deeper into my leg. "You got it all wrong, I do like you. You're the greatest person in my life."
He smiled, his fake vampire teeth showing again. I leaned down and kissed him upside down, just a short kiss, smiling into it. Once I pulled away, he got off my lap and tackled me into a hug. "_____~!" He sang. I hugged him back and he gave my neck a small kiss.
"What was that for?" I beamed, my fingers touching the spot his soft lips brushed against. He only winked.
"That was my bite. You're mine now." He chimed. He opened his mouth to reveal the teeth. "See?"
I kissed his cheek and nodded. "Yours."
I had a hard time falling asleep that night, but not as bad as it would've been if I didn't fall asleep into his arms, his heart beating against my ears. 

"It started out with a kiss.
How did it end up like this?
It was only a kiss...
It was only a kiss..."
-Mr. Brightside, by The Killers-