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Saving You|Roman Reigns
Story published July 19, 2013 · updated 8 months ago · 84 pages · 5,370 readers · 71,436 reads
Chapter 30: Return
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Chapter 30: Return

His faces haha <3

After Roman finished his surgery the doctor told me he couldn't compete for two weeks, but he could show his face.
I listened to him and then hung up.
We are leaving tonight for wrestling.
I'm so excited.
Our things are already packed I'm just waiting on Roman.
As the front door opened I was putting on my shoes.
Roman came into our Room and I gave him a hug.
How's your throat.?
I rubbed it.
He laughed.
Roman: "It's numb but it tickles."
He kissed me.
Roman: "I'm ready to get back on the road."
"I'm ready to get back on the road. Maybe I can hit my finisher on you."
Roman: "I doubt it."
I ran at him and he caught me.
Roman: "Nahh. Now lets go."
We grabbed our suitcases and turned off all of the lights.
I set my house alarms and went to the car.
I looked at my house. I won't be back until next year.
I put all my things in the trunk and got inside.
Roman: "Lets go. Raw starts tonight 6 hours away. The only people that knows you're coming back is Vince, Stephanie,Triple H and me."
"Ha won't that be a suprise."
Roman: "I know right."
I kissed his cheek.
"They are so not ready."
Roman: "It's not like you've been missed."
I slapped his arm.
He chuckled.
Roman: "kidding. Kidding."
"Randy called me last night about a storyline."
Roman: "Yeah I know. What happens is....tonight the divas have a battle royal and you're in it. You're gonna win and then, Randy's gonna come out and you both leave holding hands or whatever."
Roman didn't seem to get jealous so I wanted to mess with him.
"You're not mad?"
Roman: "why would I be?"
"Cause Randy"
He burst out laughing.
Roman: "I don't care. Do you not see me? I am sexy. My sexy eyes, hair, body. My muscles are the definition of sexy."
I smiled.
"Okay you can make out in the mirror with yourself."
Roman: "stop trying to make me jealous then."
I acted shocked.
"How dare you say that?"
He flipped his hair and imitated me.
Roman: "Randy's"
I couldn't keep a straight face, and I laughed.
Roman: " there is no reason to get jealous."
"Okay. I'm sleepy."
Roman: "sleep."
My eyes eventually closed.
I woke back up when the car stopped.
We were at the arena and I was excited.
"When does my match start?"
Roman: "fifteen minutes."
We went into the arena and nobody saw me.
I got dressed. In black of course, for Roman. 
Roman: "my favorite color is black."
"I know."
Roman: "you have one minute. Now go."
"I'm going."
I gave him a kiss and walked to gorilla position."
7 divas were already in the ring, AJ, Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Layla, Nikki and Brie, Eva Marie and my music hit.
I got pumped.
When I walked out the crowd popped.
The cheers were loud.
I stepped into the ring and AJ hugged me.
The match started. 
The Bella twins ran at me and I ducked.
They fell through the ring ropes and were eliminated.
Eva Marie and the Bella twins were supposedly gonna work together.
She looked around and nobody was there to help.
I hit my finisher on her and threw her through the ropes.
Mean while AJ eliminated Alicia and Kaitlyn.
The only person left was Layla.
Me and AJ double suplexed her.
She got up and pushed me into the turn buckles.
I hit my chin.
AJ was standing on the apron and Layla kicked her off.
It was just me and Layla.
When I got back up I leaned against the ropes.
She ran at me and I pulled the rope down.
She flipped over it and I won.
My music hit and the crowd cheered again.
Randy Orton came out and raised my hand.
We walked up the ramp holding hands.
Once we entered backstage, he hugged me.
Randy: "Welcome back."
He was still holding my hand.
Randy: "I wanted to show you the full script but I will have to show you later."
He was still holding my hand.
Randy: "Bye."
He rubbed his fingers against mine and left.
Okay he's weird.
I went back into Roman's lockeroom.
When I walked in I was ambushed by everybody.
Dean: "My little sister is back."
Seth bit me.
AJ: "I missed you for a couple of weeks."
"First, hey big bro,
second, OWW Seth, 
third, I missed you too."
Roman was in the mirror wetting his hair.
"Can I please go hug my man?"
Dean: "Rude!!!"
Seth: "I should bite you again."
AJ just laughed.
I ran and jumped into Roman's arms.
Roman: "nice match."
I leaned down and kissed him.
"Thanks, you guys have a match tonight?"
Roman: "Yes. Against Cena and Punk."
He whispered In my ear.
Roman:"I left you something behind the couch."
I hopped down out of his grips and landed on my feet.
Roman put on his vest and prepared to go out.
I walked behind the couch and smiled.
I looked up at Roman.
There was roses and chocolate covered fruit.
Seth: "guys we gotta go."
Roman walked over to me and kissed me.
This is the first time he's ever gotten me roses...or anything this nice.
My heart is melting.
I hugged him tight.
Roman: "you're welcome."
"I love you."
Roman: "I love you too."
Dean: "all right enough with the mushy stuff lets go."
Seth was kissing AJ and they broke loose as all the guys were leaving I yelled.
They all laughed.
AJ: "I know this is weird, but I've never seen Roman be that mushy and cute with you."
"I know it's weird."
AJ: "we have catching up to do."
"I know today has been a weird day."
AJ: "I have news to tell....Dolph is trying to get back with me. He's telling people I'm pregnant."
I was shocked.
AJ: "it's driving me crazy."
"Don't scare me like that. I thought you were pregnant."
She laughed.
AJ: "Oh NOOO. That wouldn't be good. I'm 26"
"I am too. But what if you were?"
AJ: "My fetus would be lifting weights, If he was there."
"I would probably annoy him to death."
AJ laughed.
AJ: "gosh I missed this. Im ready to go out and party."
"So am I"
End of chapter.
I drove for miles... Just to find you and find myself. <3