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Emo love stories.
Story published July 19, 2013 · updated December 30, 2013 · 12 pages · 744 readers · 2,865 reads
The bully
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The bully

what you are
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Lacey walked in the bone chilling weather up to school as she watched the popular guys throw snowballs at each other as she passed them with BVB saviour flowing loudly into her ears. She yelped suddenly as something cold ran down her back but she kept walking, because if she looked back, she would be in more trouble by just looking at HIM. Him as in Jake Hade the hottest, most popular guy in school, and her very own personal bully. I have no idea why he hates me...when all I can do is have feelings for him. She sighs as she opens her locker and shoves her bag in, and just as she was about to close it, it slammed shut and she was met face to face with Jake. His "group of friends" laugh as he slams her back into the locker getting into her face. " Hey emo slut, why don't you go kill yourself and make my day? Or, better yet, cut a little deeper next time." She didn't move until he walked down the hallway, why do I have to have first period with him?  She sat alone in her first period, staring out the window and drowing every one out until paper was thrown at her and she looked at who threw it, even though she didn't have too. "You whore, so freaking worthless!" Jake said. "I bet she has a disease! Don't touch her she's nasty" another one echoed. "Where is your razor,huh? Stupid loner!" Jake said again and laughed as a tear slipped down her cheek. She burst out of her seat storming up to the front of the class as it grew quiet.  "I hate you! What did I ever to to you people to bully me of my life?!?"  She glares at Jake." What the hell did I do to you! I have loved you for so long but not now. But you get your wish! Have a good life knowing that you killed an innocent teenager!!" She yelled at him and ran out of the class room, didn't bother to go to her locker, and sprinted to the woods, her razor digging into her hip as she ran. Finally, she fell limp on the wet ground sobbing. "What did I do to deserve this!!! I HATE YOU!" She yelled into the sky and pulled out her razor, cutting a long deep gash up her arm. "I love you Jake" she whispered as she started to black out. "No! No you can't leave me! I love you please! Please  don't do this! SOMEONE CALL 911" She heard someone yell and tried to stay awake but the darkness sucked her in to a beautiful, peaceful sleep. 

*Jakes P.O.V* He cried silently next to her as she layed dead still, in a coma. That's what she looked like. Death. The only thing to reasure him that she was alive was the steady beeping noise of the heart monitor. With his red puffy eyes he looked at her sadly and then looked down to her journal he stole that day secretly from her when he pushed her against the locker. He had read it all and couldn't believe how far he had let it go. He couldn't take it anymore and put his head down to sleep for a couple of hours. Only to be waken up by a smack, and boy was he happy to be smacked awake, because he knew who else was awake.

*Laceys P.O.V* ~beep...beep...beep~ "ugh turn that thing off!" She yelled gruffly and lifted her arm hitting something and trying to find the snooze button. She heard a soft chuckle and some one gently grabbed her hand. Snapping her eyes open she look to the left where she saw Jake sitting in a chair beside her bed, with his head resting on her stomach. "You look horrible!" She said as she took in the bags under his red, puffy eyes. He frowned and nodded, "I know it's how I feel too." He whispered quietly. "I hate what I have done to you and if I where you I wouldn't forgive me either. But I love much." He looked up at her. "But-" "No" He cut her off roughly. "When I saw you on the ground just laying there with blood over you...I-I thought I lost you. I have never cried so hard in my life. I was too stupid to see an amazing girl I have feelings for right in front of me...and I regret it." He finished, crying. She was crying as well as she smiled softly. "Took you long enough." She whispered and giggled at his shocked expression. "I heard you coming in here every day when you could, and I heard you talking to me." She stated and he went wide eyed and blushed. "It's true that you love me, but I want to start over...from the beginning."She spoke softly and he grinned at her, taking her hand in his. "Hi, I'm Jake..Jake Hade." She couldn't help but laugh. " Hey there, I'm Lacey..Lacey Sherburne.".....

After getting out of the hospital a week later and being friends for a couple months, he finally asked her out...well to prom anyways. That night was a start of a beautiful relationship. Then on graduation day when her name was called he ran up onto the stage  and did a rockstar slide on his knees and got into the position and pulled out a ring.  Which of course she said yes! They never had kids but Lacey had a well paying daycare center. :)

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