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One Direction & Justin Bieber Preferences
Story published July 20, 2013 · updated 2 months ago · 95 pages · 17,020 readers · 132,408 reads
Your his adopted s
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Your his adopted sister (One d):

Liam (Your 15): Your previous family had trapped you in a basement. They started you untill you were very very weak and couldn't even lift a finger. That was untill the Payne family adopted you. Ruth and Nicole tried everything to get you to talk but they counldn't. So they sent Liam to your bedroom. He entered and sat on your bed. "I know its hard (y/n) but i promise, our family wont ever hurt you," he said looking at you with tears in your eyes. " How can i be sure?" you whispered and he had a massive smile on his face. "Well you just spoke to me didn't you? And you need to trust me." You giggled to yourself thinking about how much you trusted Liam, and how his family actually loved you.

Harry (your 2): You didn't really know what was going on really. Being so young. But when the Styles family adopted you, you instantly clicked with Harry and Gemma. One day you were sleeping when you started to re-call the events that lead you to the Styles family. Your mum, she had kissed you on the forehead and left you on the side of the road before walking away. Your mum was crying and she looked so young.  You woke and started screaming for your mum. Anne tried and so did Robin but they didn't work. Gemma tried and you still didn't calm down. It was 2 in the morning and Harry had to be at work in the morning. He got up and picked you up rocking you back and forth. "Shhh sweetie, its okay. Do you want to sleep with me?" He asked and you nodded your head wiping tears away. He laid you down next to him a protective arm around you as you both fell into dreamless sleep. And that was when you knew that they were your real family now.

Niall (Your 12): You had been abused all your life. Untill something serious happened. Your dad beat you untill you couldn't stand but that wasn't all. He shot you and just left you there to die. They took you to the hospital and when you work up you saw the Horan family sitting in the room. Their faces lit up as they saw you open your eyes. You look at them with wide eyes before you slipped under the covers. "Love, come out. Sweetie we're not going to hurt you," You heard a strong female accent say. You came out and saw they were smiling sadly. Niall came over to your side slowly. "You can trust us darling, we're not going to hurt you." Niall said lying a gentle hand on your arm. You flinched but then relaxed as he brought you into a hug. "I-I-I trust you." you said before smiling at your new family.

Louis (Your 6): Your social worker came upto you as you were playing with your dolls. She whispered "Thats your news family, go say hi." She said as she pointed to The Tomlinsons.  You got up quickly running to the man. He bent down picking you up and swinging you around. "Are you my daddy?" You asked and he shook his head. Your smile was replaced with a frown. "Who are you then?" You asked as he put you on the ground. "I'm Louis, your older brother." He said you hugged him anyway. "I still love you." You said as you hugged him tighter. And throughtout all your life Louis and yourself always had a father-daughter relationship.

Zayn (Your 10): You sat in your room just drawing. You loved drawing it was your life. When the Malik family adopted you you were very quiet and still are but your drawing explained everything you felt. Zayn walked into your bedroom without you knowing as you had your headphones in. He looked at your drawings and he was gob-smacked. Zayn accidently knocked you and you jumped looking at him. "Yes?" you said picking up your drawings you had knocked on the floor. "Your amazing..thats an understatement." he said hugging you. You smiled. Zayn asked if you would join in in painting while on tour and to come up with some ideas for the new album. Little did you know that making the 'Midnight Memories' Album cover was one more step till you reached stardom.