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Entering Asgard (LokiXReader)
Story published July 22, 2013 · 1 page · 763 readers · 982 reads
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        "I'm being assigned to who?!" You snapped angrily, your eyes widening as you stared at Oden as if he was crazy. He looked up at you his eyes cold and serious showing this was no joke.
        "You are being assigned to guard Loki's prison. Is that a problem." He spoke deeper than usual, obviously a little frustrated and wanting to leave this conversation as soon as possible. Your hands formed fists as your body tensed and you grit your teeth trying to control your fire like temper.
        "This is ridiculous!" You snapped surprising even Oden who jerked back slightly and opened his mouth to protest though no words came out immediately so you continued, "Loki shouldn't even be alive!" You slammed your fist on the table in front of you cracking it, "His crimes against Asgard AND Earth are punishable by death and should be as well!" You immidiatly regretted your words as the outside suddenly sounded like it had just shattered, it shaking the hall. Oden's eyes raged with fire worse than your own and you shrunk back and bowed respectfully.
        "Loki is still my son!" He shouted.
        "I'm sorry sir... I spoke out of line..." It took a moment but Oden sat back down and with a sigh as if releasing the smoke from the fire inside him he waved at you dismissing you from the hall. "Yes my Lord." You hurried off still trying to walk with dignity as you passed the startled and shaken guards, your black cloak lined with silver embroidery on the  edges flowing behind you.


        You followed the Warden, every now and then stealing a glance at him curious how he got the large slash scars across his face and why his eyes are just black now. His eyes flicked to you and you quickly looked away keeping a straight face pretending you had never been looking anywhere but in front of you. You caught him rolling his eyes and then his stride slowed to a stop and placed his hand on a small metal platform. A small needle pricked his hand and drew blood, he pulled his hand back as the blood filled the outline of his hand and the hidden door in the wall before you slid open and another metal door behind him opened and he gestured for you to walk through. You nodded your thanks and walked in, as soon as you stepped through the doors they closed much faster than they had opened. The dim firelight allowed you to walk down the hallway to the thick glass container that served as his prison.