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Youtubers Imagines/ Prefrences
Ian Hecox (smosh)
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Ian Hecox (smosh) imagine #1

**Your Pov**
You were running late to work you where running to your office when all of the sudden bam! you ran into someone "I'm so sorry" you said  picking up your papers the person smiles at you than says its "its okay" he helps you up than you both look into ecothers eyes , his eyes were blue as the sea you got lost in them than he said "I'm Ian" "I'm (y/n) he smiles at you and says "pretty name for a pretty girl" you blush and say "I'm late for work I'll see you around" you say running off feeling bad because he was really cute.

 When you got to work your boss was pissed cause you were ten minutes late She ended up making you work late at target you sighed , when you hear a voice say "(Y/N)?" You look up and saw Ian than looked at his shirt you thought he looked familiar "Hey Ian" you said blushing slightly he hands you the items than says "You work here" "Sadly " you murmur .

He chuckles then says "When do you get off of work?" you sigh than say "Around 10" it was around 12 now  he says wow that's long "That's what she said" you say giggling he laughs than says "Maybe if you want when your done you could come over ?" you smile at him than say "Sure" he signs he recite than says "see you later" you look down at the recite and it says see you later and it has his number and address .

After work which seemed like forever you went home and changed into this
And grabbed your keys heading to his house, when you got there you locked you car and headed up to his door and rang the door bell, you waited for a minute than he appeared "hey come on in" he said with a slight blush on his cheeks you blushed and headed in ."hey you must be (y/n) I'm Anthony " he said with a smile "nice to meet you I've watched your videos before your both very funny " you say smiling at them "Thanks!" they said with a big smile on there face "So we are having a movie night" "Alright " you say taking your converse off and putting them by the door.

You sat On the couch when the door bell rang once again Anthony headed to the door and kissed the person " (y/n) this is my girlfriend Savannah ( I don't know if he has a girlfriend so just bare with me xd) she was really pretty you thought you felt insecure and you said "nice to meet you" she waved and said "You too"
Ian made food for you guys to share and Anthony put on silent hill , Anthony sat on one couch with his girlfriend and Ian and you sat with ecother.

The movie started and a scary scene came on you jumped and landed on Ian's  lap you turned extremely red , and said "Sorry" you where about to get off his lap when he pulls you to his chest and says "Don't be " he kisses your head and you blush even more and lean back with your head on his chest and his arms around your waist (me:awh!)
Than when there both asleep he nudges you and says "Can I do something"
"sure "you say with a smile.

he leans in his lips near yours and kisses you lightly you felt sparks and fireworks you've never felt like this before , you pull away and smile his head leaning against yours "Be mine?" he ask "Of course" you say with a smile he kisses you once more than you fall asleep in ecothers arms.