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Im Just the Vampire Girls Sister ( Seth Clearwater)
" Seth Do not
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" Seth Do not throw Potato's on your imprint" " whats an Imprint" oh shoot

                       ( Seth's outfit) ( Lillian's outfit) 

Seth's pov

Today was thanksgiving, my family, The Swans, and Bella were all having dinner together. I had to dress up, which i mean is okay. Which means Lillian gets to be dressed up again. Oh god, I love her in just sweats and jeans. But when she is dressed up, just wow. she simply doesn't have to anything to impress me. I looked down at my converse, my mom yelled at me for wearing them. but i dont have any dressy shoes, besides my shoes from the wedding, but im not wearing those, they were uncomfortable.  I looked at Leah, she knew what I was smiling about, she rolled her eyes. Sometimes i feel bad that my sister hasn't met her mate yet. But when she does she will understand why Myself, and the others are so crazy about our imprints. I heard a knock on the door and knew it was Charlie, and Lillian.  I was breath taken when i saw Lilly. She looked like an angel. She was wearing, red heels. which made her a little bit taller, but not as tall as me. A black and white dress with leggings, Her hair was curled beautifully.  " Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie and Lilly" I gestured for them to come in. Lillian was holding a hot container, Charlie had pie in his hand. I grabbed the hot dish from Lillian's beautiful little hands, then headed off towards the dining room. Where my mom, Leah, Billy black, And Jacob were sitting. Bella was suppose to be coming over with Nessie later on. I set the hot dish down. I turned around and Grabbed Lillian into a hug.  I smiled, i Love her hugs. I heard a camera go off. I didn't mind. Its just memories to look back on and show mine and Lilly's future children. I let go of her, pulled a chair out for her. Lilly looked up at me and pecked my cheek 
  " Thank you Seth, darling" She replied to my actions, she sat down. I pushed her chair in. then sat in the chair next to her.

After Bella, and Renesme arrived we all dug into this beautiful dinner before us. I mean after grace
 " God I am blessed to have all of these great people with me right now even though my husband is no longer here. I know he would be so grateful to have our kids, Lillian, Billy, Bella, Charlie, Renesme, And Jacob here. I am grateful that Seth and Lillian have found each other at such a young age. I am grateful that everyone here   is Alive and healthy"  my mom said  what she was grateful for last. Lillian said she was grateful for all the things everyone has did for her. I said i was grateful for my family, Lillian, food, and everyone here.  
   Our plate were piled. I had tried the dish Lillian had made which was green bean casserole. I might have had like 9 servings of it.... good thing had made a lot. I Had left over potato's on my plate, i smirked, I picked up them up with my hands and threw it at Lillian. She gasped. I grabbed the potato bowl, used the spoon and flung more at her, I looked at my mom she looked crazy 
 " SETH BRADLEY CLEARWATER!" She screamed at me. I sunk down in my chair. to be honest i was horrified of my mother. Lillian was laughing at me 
"Ye-ye-yes mom?" I said shakily. She sighed and calmed down a bit 
 " please do not throw Potato's at your imprint" My mom blurted out. My eyes, went wide, as did, Jacobs and Lilly's.  Charlie, had recently found out about Vampires, and werewolves. After he found out about Jacob being a werewolf, he freaked.  
 " Whats An Imprint?" Charlie asked, I looked between Billy, and Lillian, I Swallowed. my hands started to sweat 
 ' well Charlie, It means Seth And Lillian are soul-mates. they are destined to be together, It's nothing bad. It just means that  Seth is a werewolf , and will do anything for Lillian, He will always protect her" Billy explained  to Charlie. The whole time Charlie was nodding his head
'" No wonder why Lillian never wants to leave here! Id rather her be with Seth, than Lahote! Welcome to the Family son" Charlie said after clearing his throat. 
" So daddy you're fine with it?" Lilly asked quietly. Charlie nodded his head, then put another bite of turkey in his mouth 

After we were all stuffed, we sat around and talked. Lillian had Renesme in her lap. I had my arm around Lilly's shoulder, She was stroking her niece's hair. 
  " Seth, Does this mean you're my uncle? " Nessie's little 6 year old voice said, I smiled down at her 
" I guess it does!" I said to Her. She squealed in Lillian's lap.  Both Lilly and I kissed Nessies cheeks. She giggled. 

    A couple hours had passed, Nessie, and Bella went home, Jacob went aswell. Then Charlie left with Billy. Lilly stayed because her and Leah were going black friday shopping, later on, So that means right now, 
Me and Lilly are curled up on my bed, she is sleeping. Im just sitting here thinking about our future, I already saw bits and pieces of it. Like when she becomes pregnant, she didn't look that old, maybe 17 or 18. that was in 2-3 years from now. I Sighed happily. 

All done beautifuls!