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Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarios
Story published July 25, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · completed · 60 pages · 21,302 readers · 505,311 reads
When He First Meet
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When He First Meets Your Family

Karkat did seem to understand how he had to act, unfortunately a swear word would accidentally slip out every so often. But he was trying his best.

Sollux was very mature and he got on quite well with your family.
"I th'see~! May I also th'say that your pretty enough'th to be a model (Female Family Remember)!" 

Gamzee didn't really get on very well, but a few did like how relaxed and laid back he was.
"Sorry I didn't get on too well (Name)..."
"It's ok~ I love you too much to worry about what they think."

Equius was worried, the guys in your family loved how manly he was. The females thought that he was more of a 'Brainless Gorilla Type'.
"I'm sorry if I did not live up to your stranded's (Name)."
"Oh, It's ok~ Most people liked you anyways."

All the girls LOVED him, his sensitivity and his cuteness. The males seen it as kind of a weakness though,
"How could this... Wimp protect you?!"
"Leave him alone!"

Eridan wasn't normally very good socially, but he tried. Most of your family were impressed by his royal heritage to even care about his personality.

Dave got on quite well with some of your family, a few people thought he could be using you though.
"I may look like that (Mr/Mrs Last Name), but I really do love her. I hope you understand."

Dirk got on pretty well, a few were creeped out by Cal though.

John failed to impress with his personality, a few liked the fact he played the piano though.

It was a complete disaster when it came to Jake meeting them. A few were interested in his adventures but... Well, he just struggled.

Terezi was actually kinda nervous, he also didn't like the suit he had to wear as it was a formal event. Your parents/family thought he was just downright quirky, and they mocked him without him even noticing. Making you feel terrible. You promised that he didn't have to go back.
"I'm sorry, I'm a complete train wreak..."
"No you aren't, it's them..."

Vriska did everything TO get in trouble, he spiked everyone's drink and stole things from people too. You actually thought it was kinda funny when someone passed out from the drugs and he stole there phone.

The girls loved Nepeta, a few of the guys thought he was a bit too feminine though.

They loved him! They thought he was really friendly and bubbly.

They were a bit bothered by how cold he seemed, but he seemed nice enough.

They liked how respectful and formal he was, but again, a bit too cold.

Sometimes I may accidentally use 'She' on the genderbent characters, sorry.

I apologize in advance if I don't respond to your comment, but if you do comment, thank you~

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