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Grojband: The End of Grojband?
Story published July 25, 2013 · updated August 20, 2013 · 15 pages · 638 readers · 2,978 reads
Ultimate Battle of
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Ultimate Battle of the Bands for the Gig!

Sunday, June 15, 2013. 7:17 pm
Corey's POV
Laney had dragged me into my room and opened the door. I gasped and ran in. My guitar had been totally destroyed by Trina. "Core...why don't you get another guitar?" Laney asked me. "Remember the LAST time I bought a new guitar? It was a Star Instrument and is the reason why the Peaceville Dam was destroyed! Remember?" I told Laney. "Oh yeah..." she said. Kin barged in my room and passed me a jet black guitar. "Use that." Kin said. "Are you sure it's not another Star Instrument?" I asked. "Trust me Corey, it's NOT a Star Instrument. The Newmans have them all, remember?" Kon told me. I smiled. "All right! Let's practice!" I said. Me and the band barged to the garage. Kon had counted us off and we played a song that I personally thought was great.
We stopped and I took a vote to see if that was the song we would play at the gig. Kin and Kon thought it was okay. Lanes on the other hand, didn't think it was all that great.  Laney played another tune and we started another song that again, I thought was pretty awesome. Better than the last song, definitely.
We stopped halfway and I took a vote. Kin, Lanes, and I thought the song was okay. Kon on the other hand, didn't think it was all that awesome. I thought for a sec...and I started the band off on a good note.
We stopped and took a vote. The band really loved the song. So it was decided. We would play that song at the gig on Thursday. And that's when it happened. A guitar crashed through the closed garage door. It was Carrie and the rest of the Newmans. I sighed. " What do you want, Carrie?" I said. She smiled and glared at me. "You aren't getting that gig! We'll have a Battle of the Bands! Whoever wins gets the gig!" She shouted at me. I thought for a sec. "You're on!"
Carrie's POV
I stormed out of Corey Riffin's garage and went into my backyard. Lenny looked at me. "Why would you do that when we don't have any lyrics!" He snapped. I looked at Lenny. "Relax Len. We've got lyrics..." I said. Kim walked up to me." Oh yeah...THOSE lyrics....." I started a beat and the band came along.
The band like the song and we walked to Corey's driveway. Grojband had opened the garage and was ready to rock. We had the Mayor and Grojband's little groupies as judges. "I don't want you guys just to side with us just because you like our for who you think is best." Corey told his groupies. We went first and we played our song again, just like we did in practice, but this time, the Star Instruments reacted and a huge portion of the Sky had four stars in it. Our music became more and more astonishing every second. When the song ended, the mayor gave us a 9, and Grojband's little groupies gave us a ten. So we had 29, an almost impossible to beat score. Grojband needed a perfect thirty points to get the gig.
Corey's POV
We had decided to leave the song we had thought up for the gig, so we rehearsed a new song, a song that would blow the Newmans off of their feet. I started the beat and the band just came along with it.
After the song, the mayor gave us a ten, and our groupies gave us a ten. After we won the gig, the Newman's Star Instruments reacted and Lenny's base started to attack Lanes. Konnie grabbed a drum stick and a cymbal and charged at Kon. Kim literally broke keys off of her keyboard to throw at Kin. And Carrie grabbed her guitar and swung it at me. I blocked I with my guitar. I turned to Lanes and she was messing Lenny up. Punch after punch, I can tell Lenny was starting to get dizzy. After that, Lenny stopped and Lanes blew on his face, knocking him straight to the ground. Kin had managed to invent something to throw stuff like mailboxes at Kim. She got hit by a mailbox and was hurtling into Carrie's backyard. Kon had knocked away Kim's cymbal shield and kept beating her with drumsticks. And I was still dealing with Carrie, blocking her every guitar swing. I kicked her in the leg and kept smacking her over and over with my guitar. After that, I spin-kicked Carrie into the pile of Newmans we had beat. The band and I had walked away, victorious in the battle for the gig. We had practiced night and day until the day before the gig.