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No one else's but mine (Reader X Jeff the Killer)
Story published July 27, 2013 · updated September 7, 2013 · completed · 52 pages · 23,845 readers · 278,184 reads
Sally, Maskey, and
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Sally, Maskey, and Hoodie

(A/N) Sorry, I couldn't find a picture of the three together, that and I'm lazy, so just deal with this picture.
The door opens to reveal two men and a little girl. Both guys have on yellow hoodies, but on has a clean, white mask on with two gigantic black spots for eyes and penciled on eyebrows and lips. The other has on his hood to completely cover his face. The only things visible under the hood are two red eyes and what looks like a stitched mouth. The little girl has shaggy brown hair with a pink dress. Her face is covered in blood. You instantly know who these people are. Sally, Maskey, and Hoodie!
"Hi guys!" You say happily. They jump at your friendliness. They soon recover.
"Hi!" Maskey says.
"Hello!" Sally squeals.
"H-hi..." Hoodie stutters. You grin from ear to ear. 
"So how did your killing spree go?" Slender asks. Sally looks at him and jumps into his arms.
"Wonderful! I killed 10 people!"
"Good job, Sally." She giggles. Slender turns to the boys.
"It went well. We even got a cheesecake!" Maskey proclaims.
"Y-yes, and w-we k-killed ab-bout 12 p-people each," Hoodie mumbles. The tall man nods.

You all move to the living room. BEN instantly turns on his Xbox 360. (He has a lot of gaming systems. He favors the N64 the most. You know why.) Jeff turns to you.
"Like I said before breakfast, you need to prove yourself worthy. In order to do that, you need to prove you are a cold-blooded killer. There are multiple techniques with many different outcomes. You must choose which one suits you more. Now, you can go on a killing spree with any of us, but you'll go with all of us at least once. Who do you choose to go with first?" You freeze. You suck at making decisions.
"Er... I choose..."
Sorry guys, but I'm drawing a blank, so I'm going to make a tally. You can leave your suggestion in the comments below. The rating goes like this:
1: Jeff the Killer
3:Eyeless Jack
4:Laughing Jack
5: Slender man & Sally
6: Maskey & Hoodie
Please write down the number. Thanks and once I get enough votes, I'll write more!

Welp, should I write more? Comment to let me know!