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Kidnapped Jeff The Killer Love Story -ON HOLD-
Story published July 27, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · 52 pages · 835 readers · 7,676 reads
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James POV.

         I leaned back against my chair. I let out a small laugh as I watched a funny video from YouTube. Then the video ended and I scrolled through some more videos looking for another funny one. I found one and clicked on it. It didn't load so I clicked again. I clicked again rapidly starting to get irritated with the computer. Then the screen went black and I muttered a few curse words. I heard a knock.
"Yea?" I turned to face the door in my spinning chair.
"Hey James, Tailor just gave me a call. She want's me to come over so I'm gonna walk over to her house. When dad comes home tell him I went to her house. Kay?"
"Okay Jade, be careful!" I called through the door. I heard her footsteps slowly fading down the hall. I sighed as I turned back around to face my computer. The screen was back to normal, but Instead of begin on YouTube I was on a weird site called CreepyPasta Stories. I scrolled down and saw the title of a story. It was called 'Jeff The Killer's Coming For You.' I shuddered and shut off my computer screen. I stood up off my chair and climbed into bed. 


        I woke up to the noise of something breaking. I scratched my head and I stood up looking for a bat. I found one and opened up the door slowly. I looked around and stepped out of my room. When my foot hit the ground It made a loud creak. I cringed and continued down the hallway. I made my way down the steps constantly looking around for someone or something. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs, there was a man. He had broken through a window, and now he was making his way towards me. I held up the bat tightening my grip. I gritted my teeth as I saw him pull a knife out from his pocket. I lunged at him hitting him in the head with the metal bat. He made a loud 'Oof' noise and brought his knife up to my neck. I hit him again with the bat as he cut my neck causing blood to spill on both of us. My vision started to blur as he made more deep cuts. The man fell to the ground unconscious after I swung at him again. I dropped the bat and fell too, hitting the ground with a bang.


This was a short Prologue, I know. All I have to say is that Jade gave me a bunch of ideas, and then It turned into this.

-Life Isn't Worth Living Without You-


Warning: This contains violence, cussing, and some sexual content (very little)
Disclaimer: We do NOT own any pictures (only a few), songs, nor Creepy Pastas besides Jade
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