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Rebel Love, Jason McCann love story
Story published July 28, 2013 · updated December 9, 2013 · 3 pages · 105 readers · 458 reads
new gang new life

New gang new life

I woke up and put on my Batman outfit. i went downstairs and ate breakfast, after i finish and put my bowl in the sink there was a knock on the door. I open it and it was a guy from the new gang I joined. "hey, I'm Chaz part of the gang" he says. " I'm Cody come in while i get my bags and we can go" ( every time Cody talks it will be in purple) I run upstairs and get my bags and run back down and Chaz is standing there looking around my small Ghetto apartment. " I'm all ready," he nods and says "let me help you" i nod and we go to his Black Range Rover. - Skip ride-
after we arrive we get my bags and walk up to the door of the mansion. Chaz opens the door and i saw all boys sitting in the living room, Chaz says "hey guys here is the new gang member"  all the guys turn to me and two people stand out, one Jason McCann, and...... Ryan? " Ryan is that you?" he looks at me and says " Cody no u cant be in the gang, its to dangerous and i don't want my baby girl getting hurt" " um Ryan news flash, im staying until Jason says i have to go, i can fight, bomb, kill, and rob so chill your balls"  (Jason will be in the color blue when he talks) " what u guys know each other? and first we gotta see what this shawty can do, and are you guys dating?" "no we aren't dating and ok when do i show you what i can do?"  Ryan stands up and says "WHAT?! you cant be in the gang Cody its to dangerous, Jason please don't let her be in the gang." " dude lets see what she can do then I'll decide if she's in the gang" I ask  "can I change first?" "let me show you my room so you can change in there." i nod and he leads me into a really nice bedroom, i grab a pair of sweats and a tee- shirt and change in the bathroom. then me and Jason go to the training room with the rest of the gang. Let the show begin.....

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