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Cruisin' For A Bruisin'. ~A Teen Beach Movie Fanfic.
Story published July 28, 2013 · updated August 26, 2013 · 6 pages · 5,059 readers · 16,533 reads
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"I cannot believe you guys are watching the movie without me!" My brother, Brady, whined as he ran into the surf shop hand and hand with his girlfriend, and my best friend, Mack.

Mack stood behind Brady and rolled her eyes, obviously needing to say something very important. But Brady was to caught up in his favorite movie to notice.

"Correction! He's watching it without you," I smiled while pointing at Mack's Uncle who was currently making another one of his legendary surfboards. "I'm reading a book. You should try it sometime." I joked and continued reading.

Grandpa Jack stifled a laugh and continued to keep his focus on the board, "Well, now that your here I'm not."

I glanced up from my copy of 'Clockwork Angel' and looked at the TV, the screen was filled with a bunch of teens in colorful bathing suits that really shouldn't have been worn, and they were all dancing and singing some song about how fun surfing was or something.

Mack leaned against the wall and couldn't help but smile, "Please tell me this isn't-"

"Wet Side Story!" Brady and Grandpa Jack said in union, fist bumping.

"Yeah, that." I answered for her, looking over to Mack and smiling.

Ever since Brady was little 'Wet Side Story' has been his favorite movie. He had a crush on the lead girl, he knew all the lyrics and chorography! He could even recite every line. It was insane. As for me, I defiantly couldn't recite lines, do the moves, or sing any of the lyrics, but the movie was okay.

"Ahh..1962! Surfers, movie ever made!" Brady sighed, smiling brightly at the screen.

Mack walked up to Brady and smirked, "How can you two like this silliness? Especially you grandpa?"

" I agree!" I cut in, "I mean the movies okay, but you two watch it like every day!"

"Silliness? Mack, Carson, my dears, this movie defined an entire culture." Her Grandpa replied.

"Exactly!" Brady shouted, "A surfer guy and a biker girl share a secret love while trying to unite the rival gangs as a evil real-estate local try's to turn their hangout into a resort by creating a weather machine that blows up causing a massive storm!" Brady jumped, really getting into the description he was telling. "Silliness? Really?"

"Well, can you watch it later because I really need to talk to you." Mack asked desperately, "You to Carson."

Brady motioned her to wait a minute, not really paying that much attention to what Mack was trying to say. I put down my book for good and walked to Mack.

"My favorite part!" Brady smiled. "When the leads eyes meet, and are pulled apart by the rivaling gangs."

I looked at the screen as the girl in the bright red dress started singing, twirling around in high heels, and falling off the stage into a guys arms.

"And this is my favorite part!" Grandpa Jack resorted, winking at the screen.

I continued watching, knowing what part was coming next, because like I said I've watched this way to many times. I glanced over at Mack quickly though, looking at her nervous gaze.

"Oh come on!" Mack complained, "They sing for no reason. They come out of the water and their hair is totally dry! The girls never surf as well as the boys-"

"And they sing for no reason!" I cut Mack off, "I mentioned that as well cause' even the second time I don't get why."

"But it's summer and everyone just sings and surfs!" Brady argued, apparently not getting why anyone would dislike his favorite movie. Just then there was a knock at the door and Mack went to answer it.

"Please," I said "the surfing looks fake. I mean seriously! They sing in the ocean and they never spit out water."

Mack nodded her head in agreement as she went to open the door, which instead was thrown open by the person on the other side. "Surprise!" The woman smiled, trying to clutch her overly priced purse in one hand while holing her cell phone and some other things in the other. "Well! Aren't you gonna give your Aunt Antoinette a hug?"

Mack smiled nervously and hugged the women. I glanced confusingly at Brady, who looked back just as confused. "Well.." The women continued, "You look absolutely...unacceptable!"

"What?" Mack asked slightly hurt.

"Oh! Not you dear! Tell him the offer is unacceptable!" She scolded into what looked like a ear piece.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were coming tomorrow?" Mack asked, and I looked strangely at her. All week Mack and Brady were gushing about some storm coming that would bring some big waves for them to surf. Her Aunt wouldn't come all this way just to watch her surf would she?

"You thought wrong. Were leaving tomorrow."


Let me know if you like it and feel free to give any ideas and/or suggestions