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Teen beach movie
Story published July 28, 2013 · updated August 11, 2013 · 22 pages · 3,917 readers · 21,601 reads
Makeover part 2
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Makeover part 2

This is the new Giggles!

My dear Kourtney I will make you mine girl whether you like it or not........ I walked back over to him. I kneed him in "where the sun shine if you caught my drift." He moaned and crumpled to the floor. Whining in pain.

"Brady run over to us." Kourtney are you okay? I nodded slowly with a wide grin.

"Touch my sister again and you will recieve a butt kicking you never got before and trust and believe WHAT I say is true and a promise,Brady had his teeth clentched together and his fist curled up tightly.

Brady he gets the point! Mack pulled Brady and tried to calm him down. He seemed to be listening to her because he was relaxing.

Kourtney you already know what I am capable of doing to your family and friends so I suggest you do excatly as I say it or people will get hurt!

Never in flipping life threaten me cuz you will regret it. Come on girls lets roll. I snapped my fingers.

Ta-ta Richie have a nice day. Kiki said as she kicked sand in his face. I swear it has something to do with his father the evil scientist. I have to tell Brady and Mack but not right now I have to take care of Giggles.

So ladies we are gonna makeover giggles and turn her into a princess.

I curl her hair. Lela,and Kiki decided together that they have to chose a dress but they both have different taste.