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The oldest Ross A Jessie Fanfiction
Story published July 29, 2013 · updated September 1, 2013 · 23 pages · 4,595 readers · 11,682 reads
The Talented Mr Ki
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The Talented Mr Kipling

Megan's POV 
I'm in my room getting changed when Jessie is grounding Mr Kipling
"Mr Kipling you have a timeout" Jessie says 
"No TV for a week" She complies 
"I think you are being very harsh Mr Kipling paid you a visit because he gets bored in his cage plus he's a cuddler" Ravi pleads
"It's true slept me with once my favourite pajamas were ruined" I say at the door way
"That explains the claw marks on my calf" Jessie yells and Emma walks in
"Jessie I have a huge problem I love my photography class" Emma hands out her paper
"Okay I'm all new at this nanny thing not seeing the problem" Jessie answers 
"The problem is I got the world's laziest partner for this assignment" Emma says and Luke walks in
"You call it lazy I call selected parcipation" Luke says 
"Now Jessie give me pouty nanny" Luke takes a camera of Jessie with a constipated look 
"Okay that was more like constipated nanny but I can touch it up" Luke says
"I can't believe I get school credit for taking pictures of cute girls" Luke says excitedly I get the paper of Emma's hands
"The assignment is to take pictures New York's Flora and Fauna" I comply back
"OOH! I hope those are hot Latin twins" Luke does a dance
"Okay we are going to the park that way you guys can work on your assignment and Ravi take Mr Kipling for a walk slither whatever he does" Jessie says
"And I can found out who is my secret admirer" I say
"OOH! You have secret admirer that's so romantic" Emma squeals
"Yeah he says meet me in the park today he will be waiting for me" I say 
"NO NO! We cannot take Mr Kipling for a walk" Ravi says
"If Mrs Chesterfield sees him she will throw a hissy fit" Emma says 
"She the head of the condo board" Luke says
"And a real pain in the butt" I say 
"OHH! Is she that annoying woman carrying that homely baby" Jessie says
"It's a dog" Luke says
"Your telling me someone hit that child with the ugly stick" Jessie says
"He means it's a Chihuahua" I say 
"It's chi hideous" Jessie says
"I'm not letting some angry grouch keep you from walking your pet we will just ask Tony to watch out" Jessie says
Tony answers on the PA I'm on it
"Tony are you eaves dropping again" Jessie asks
"Now that I've looked up the word yes" Tony answers
"Come on let's go" Jessie yells as we all pile up in the elevator
Jessie checks  that we got everything when Mr Kipling whacks Jessie 
"Keep your tail to yourself" Jessie warns him
"Yeah she's mine" Luke yells
"No I'm not all  my boyfriends have to be at least 18 and human" Jessie points out
"So Luke your over 2" I say back 

skip the elevator ride until Mrs Chesterfield walks in
Tony knocks on the door
"All clear you can come out now" Tony says as we walk out coughing from Luke's gas
"Luke you couldn't hold it til we got outside" Emma asks
"Hey it wasn't me it was Mr Kipling" Luke blames it on him
"Oh sure blame the lizard" Ravi yells back
in the park 
"When is my secret admirer getting here he said suppose to be here at 1:30" I say
"Relax Megan he will get here if you know what he looks like" Jessie laughs 
I see a Cute guy
 walk up to me
Hi you must be Megan I'm Mason" He says shaking his hand out 
"Yeah I'm Megan you are my secret admirer right" I ask
"Yeah I am you don't like it do you?'' He asks
"No it's the sweetest thing anyone has done for me" I say back
"Someone could have done that for a pretty girl like you" He compliments 
"No not anyone" I say 
"How about we go get some ice cream and get to know each other better?'' Mason asks
"Yeah Jessie can I go with Mason'' I ask
"Yeah of course be back in 1 hour" Jessie yells
"AAH! Young love" Jessie says

Mason and I talk for hours we give each other our phone numbers and he kisses me on the cheek and walks off to his family 
we are still heading back to the hotel while Jessie is on the phone with Tony 
We sneak in while Mrs Chesterfield screams
AAH! AAH! The dog barks and Mr Kipling hisses
"You people have a cold blooded reptile living in this building" Mrs Chesterfield 
"Why not you live here" Zuri complies back
"Hi I'm Jessie" she got interrupted Mrs Chesterfield
"I don't care" She says
"Please do not take away my pet" Ravi pleads
"Pet that's not a pet that is a pair of boots and a belt" Mrs Chesterfield says
Mrs Chesterfield takes away the wrong lead and gets attacked by Mr Kipling 
Jessie was in Ravi's room and Zuri ran in
"Genevieve ripped off my dolly's head" Zuri cries showing off a doll with no head
"Okay that's scary" Jessie says
"You don't wanna see what he did to my build a baboon he will never have children!'' Zuri yells 
"Jessie Mason invited me on a date and I have no idea what to wear!'' I walk in
"Jessie if you play with me Genevieve won't pick on me" Zuri asks
''Zuri I wish I could but I need to help Ravi right now" Jessie says
"Just pick out something Megan you look great in everything" Jessie says to me
"Zuri why doesn't Megan play with you" Jessie asks
"Okay I will" I say
"Wait Zuri why don't you try being nice to Genevieve" Jessie asks
"Why don't you tell her she's pretty" Jessie asks
"Have you seen her?'' Zuri says
"Well no but you do my advice is to kill her with kindness" Jessie says 
Mason text ed me saying 
Dress nice tonight babe xxx Mason 
I smile and walk out to see Zuri gone 
"Zuri where are you?'' I yell I see animal control guys at Ravi's door
"Zuri do you think I look good in this" I ask and see Mrs Chesterfield
"Whoa what are you doing here and why do I smell dog breath" I ask
"Why is there animal skeletons?'' She asks
"I have my hobbies and you have yours" Zuri replies 
Mrs Chesterfield leaves to her apartment while I still get ready 

I walk out to see Luke, Emma at the terrace
"I will bet you $5 the lizard eats the dog and Chesterfield" Luke says
"You're on I bet she tastes bitter as she looks" They laugh as I see Jessie, Ravi, Mr Kipling and Zeus 
"The hawk is moving give me the camera" Emma demands 
The hawk moves 
"It's coming straight towards us" Luke says I walk up
"It's going for the Chihuahua" I say
"Hey everyone loves Mexican''  Luke says we agree in nodding the hawk flies to the dog but Mr Kipling whacks it with his tail
Luke takes a photo 
"I got it! Now that's a action shot" Luke says
I get changed and Emma walks in mad 
"This stinks Luke and I got A on our photo essay" Emma yells
"What's wrong with A again not seeing the problem" Jessie asks
"The problem is I did all the work but Luke got the credit I watched that stupid hawk like a hawk all day!'' Emma complains
"And all Luke did is just snap one lucky picture" Emma says
"Hey did Emma tell you that my picture is on the schools website" Luke says showing me
"All my hard work really payed off" Luke says as Emma attacks him
I walk out to the living room and Mason walks in
"Hey Megan ready to go" He asks as he hugs me
"Yeah let me tell Jessie" I say
"You look beautiful babe" He says to me
"Thanks you look handsome'' I compliment back and i tell Jessie and Mason and I walk out and have the best time
"So tonight was the best thank you" I say 
"Your welcome" he says we lean in and we kiss it turns into a passionate kiss and we finish gasping for breath 
"I know we only just met but will you be my girlfriend?'' He asks
"Yes I will! I yell kissing him again





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