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New Life -Koga x Reader x Inuyasha~
Story published July 29, 2013 · updated 11 months ago · 27 pages · 7,365 readers · 45,450 reads
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Kagome's Pov
        I watched silently as _____ and Inuyasha were talking happily on our way to Lady Kaede's village. I bit my lip, they seemed to be getting along just fine... We were going to rest for a while before continuing our search for the Shikon Jewel shards, bringing _____ along. We can't leave or sights out of her if we don't want to play into the hands of Naraku, but I didn't like the idea so much. I never really liked my cousin, but since she seems attached to me, I have to play along and be the 'nice girl'. 
-----time skip, next day-----
____ was surprisingly cooperative, she didn't complain even though she wasn't home. Well, not like she really has a home anyway..
We were walking and Sango, along with Inuyasha were telling ____ all about demons and on how to kill them. _____ was very skilled in archery and sword fighting, even better than myself, but nobody will find that out, right?  Koga showed up with Ginta and Hakkaku, he got here surprisingly fast, even for him."Kagome! Are you ready to finally leave the mutt, and come with me?" he said as he held me up in bridal style. "U-umm," I was starting to say, before Inuyasha drew out Tetsusaiga and they started doing the usual thing. Finally, I was put down, and Koga seemed to notice ______. He sniffed her several times before ____ slapped him and said, "Nope. I did not give you permission to SNIFF me."

Normal Pov
Koga flinched...nobody had ever slapped him, except for Kagome! "Who is this, Kagome? Why does she have a similar smell to you?" Koga asked nervously. 
"I am dear Kagome's cousin, ____! And what do you mean by smell?.....Oh that's right I'm in a freaking demon world in the feudal era. Sighh, sorry about before." ____ said apologetically and moved her hand towards Koga's gesturing a handshake.  Koga shook her hand, a slight blush came to his face, but nobody noticed that. Koga suddenly took _____ in bridal style, "I'll be taking her, have a good day Kagome!"
"He's as straightforward as always..." Kagome stated. "Well...I guess we should go after her now..." Inuyasha said with an annoyed tone, "I seriously don't know what Naraku might want with her, but it sure can't be good." Ginta and Hakkaku were trying to catch up to their leader as he was heading to their tribe.

Koga's Pov
        There was something about this girl that seems unique. Maybe she can also see the Shikon shards! After all, she IS Kagome's cousin!
Haha! I'll show that mutt who is better! ____ suddenly said, "So, umm, where are we going?" I had forgotten I was carrying her. She doesn't complain much, unlike Kagome when she was screaming 'Inuyasha! Inuyasha!' I think I might like this girl. "There seems to be something shiny in that lake over there, mister.." she said, but there was nothing there...UNLESS!! I started walking in that direction, only to find a weird, blue fox demon. "Oh, there seems to be something pink on his chest." ____ stated in  monotone. I slashed the fox and there, I saw it....A Shikon shard. I cannot believe my luck! "Koga-sama!!!" Ginta and Hakkaku said in unison, "wait up!!" As they catched up to us, they seemed to notice the shard I held in my hand. They noticed the situation quickly and started smiling. "Seems that we have luck!! Luck indeed!" Hakkaku exclaimed. I was too happy for a moment, then I noticed ____ wasn't by my side any longer. Panic filled my chest, and it felt as though I had a lump on my throat. Where could she be?! What if she dies?! "Kya!!" I heard, and dashed towards the direction the voice came from.

"OMMIGOSH! A KATANA!!! I haven't seen a real one in AGES!!!" ______ said as soon as I found her, holding a katana in her hands.
Relief cast over me...wait, it's just because I found the one who can find the shards....right? No other feelings....unless...No...
"Hey! Hey! Can I keep this?!" she said with a way-too-happy smile. "If you can use it, that is," I said sarcastically. There is no way in hell she can use a kata-"Yay! Thank god I took classes!!" ....MY DAY IS JUST GETTING BETTER! "Wait so you're experienced in using a katana?" I asked her. "YEP! I know how to use a katana, swords, and bow&arrow. That's common here, correct?" she said. I nodded. Well, seems to me like I caught a finer jewel than the Shikon shards!.....wait what did just cross through my mind. OK so I guess I have fallen for her! This time I WILL make her my woman!! "So what's your name anyway mister?" she asked curiously. "Koga of the Yoro-clan." She smiled beautifully, "Ok, Koga-kun!"

 Ginta's  Pov
        How come ____ had mastered all of these things already, it seems as though she was prepared... But that can't be right... Also, she knew it was common for there to be experienced people in using a katana....Isn't this her first time in our world? This all sounds a bit fishy, but the master seems happy....guess I'm just thinking too much...
Maybe the odds are just in our favor! I should still keep a watch on her...

Yes, I just updated two chapters within 24 hours, don't judge me, I'm bored and my ideas might escape me if 
I don't write them soon. I will update hopefully each 2 days.

I don't own Inuyasha, and I don't own you ^_^ 
If you have any suggestions for the story, please feel free to tell me!