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The Undertaker's Daughter. ~Sebastian Michaelis love sto
Chapter 2
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Chapter 2

I sweep the whole area while my father dozed around talking with Grell. He of course seemed like a little bother to me. He was annoying as hell. One trait a brother always has. I sighed and continued. What was so special about this demon? I walked upstairs then, might as well. I don't think I ever want to see a demon in my whole entire life. I smirked and went to get some water. I wasn't a fan for fancy tea nor milk. I got it full then started drinking it.

I remembered I forgot my weapon downstairs. I wouldn't need it right now, right? I shrugged it off and took the creepy stairs down. I spotted a little boy with navy blue hair and an eye patch. I sensed something, is the little boy the demon. I shrugged it off and  started going down more. The fathers eyes then looked at me. "Ah, Ciel Sebastian this is my daughter Enclair" father said and smiled, don't know him good enough you can consider him very creepy and scary and they say I'm just the bonus. "Enclair this is Sebastian and Ciel" he said and my feet touched the first floor. I opened my eyes, a pair of crimson red eyes came upon me. Sebastian was the demon not Ciel. I can sense a contract between those two, was I the only one who could?

I smirked at them. "Hello" I said and grabbed my death scythe making Sebastian's eyebrow go up. What does he think I was going to hurt his fragile demon body. I rolled my eyes and walked with my weapon. "Nice to meet you" they said Sebastian bowed while Ciel stood there with his eyes shut. "You to" I said and smirked leaving my head down. My father made his face turn regular, I'm guessing he could feel this tension.

He then broke it. "So what made you fellas come here" father said and putting his hands together like a puppy dog. "The murders of Jack the Ripper" the little boy said. So easy to find out, so simple. I bet that demon knew who it what he just decided to go along with it. I sighed. "Do you realize how simple that is" I said and chuckled a bit. They turned their heads in my direction. "What do you know about it" Ciel said shockingly looking at me. "Simple signal the clues you have to go along with it" I said and made my way over by my father ready to explain it.

"Wait Enclair, they have to give us something for us to tell" my father said. He always loved to laugh. "Oh lord" I said and cupped my hands in my face. I honestly wanted to get them out of here and fast. "Just get it over with" I said and sighed. "I'm going to ask you to step out my lord" Sebastian said bowing. We all know this is going to be inappropriate. I smirked at the boy going out and turned my attention to Sebastian.

"There once was a women from Q, who filled her vagina with glue. She said with a grin if they pay to get in. They will pay to get out of it to" he said my father bursted out laughing. he little boy then came in. I smirked knowing it was a bit funny. "Well done Sebastian" I said and smiled at him. I wasn't lying it was a good joke and it was hard to make me smile or laugh.

"Thank you my lady" he said bowing. He had manners but that's only because he was tamed. A demon without being tamed is bad, very bad. They can rip a reaper in half. I was scared at first but I think I was good enough to fight for myself without my father or anyone else. I smirked at him. "Now on with it" Ciel said, I shot him a frown. How dare he say that to me. He is just a little spoiled bray anyway. He needs a attitude check before a butler.

I walked over to him and shot him a smirk. As you can see, the victims all have their uterus missing. The person who did it must either had a disease, or had to have their uterus gone. Then they say they love to paint their victims in red. You have to get someone to admit they love the color red" I said explaining it with a smirk on my face. Sebastian looked at me impressed.

A little tingle came into my stomach. What was that feeling? I grabbed my stomach and Sebastian smiled. What exactly was he doing to me? Is he making my suffer or that feeling girls like, what's it called again.... oh.... love.

I'm not open to many people. I'm usually quite and I don't really like attention. So if I like you enough to show you the real me, you must be special.