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First Comes Love
Story published July 31, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 20 pages · 14,856 readers · 98,313 reads
Subaru Asahina

Subaru Asahina

You watched him underneath you, sleeping so peacefully. You heard the crickets chirp outside of his window, your eyes staring deeply onto his face. They soon trailed down his form; scanning over his muscles built over the years of basketball and such. His short, messy, black hair sat perfectly on his head, his breathing at a steady pace. You gulped down carefully, and gently stroked his cheek.

So soft, and so flawless. He was flawless. Everything about him was just pure perfection. You've grown to love this man ever since you saw him play at your high school for the first time, and you've gotten a chance to be close friends with him- even though he was awkward with women since he didn't really have any experience with one. You smiled lightly, holding the laughs that wanted to escape your lips.

He was so adorable. Whenever you brushed your hands over his, a light blush went to his cheeks. Whenever, you hugged him, he would awkwardly hug back and this was four more than four years! You couldn't describe him, he was Subaru. Subaru Asahina, the basketball player. You stood on all fours, hovering over him. You breathed slowly so he wouldn't wake up, and limited your moves.

He, of course, opened his eyes and jumped in place when he saw you over him. "___-___-___-_____!" He shouted. You got off him as he sat up, a dark blush going over his face. There it goes~. You tilted your head and smiled. "Subaru!" You called. He looked everywhere for words to say. "Wh-What are you doing here?" He finally managed to get out. You looked up at the ceiling and the back at him.

"You." You simply stated. He felt his words stuck down his throat, not being able to bring them out. You crawled next to him and sat down. You laid your head on his shoulder and smiled softly as it it happened every day. "Wha-What?" He spoke, feeling your hand hold onto his. This made him tense up, feeling his whole body heat up. And of course, it radiated off him, and you grinned when you felt this. He was nervous.

"No need to be nervous Subaru~ I'm the only close girl friend you had. . . And this girl. . . she fell for you. Hard." You said, looking into his black eyes. He gulped down the lump in his throat, seeing your face centimeters away from his. He felt something twitched and he found himself planting his lips onto yours. You blinked at the sudden movement he took, since he was the one with no experience.

But, this is maybe one thing he does. You sat on his lap, your knees on either side of him. You placed his hands on your hips, your fingers tangling themselves in his soft locks. He seemed to be placing more force onto the kiss, yet it was still soft. You giggled before pulling apart, seeing him confused. "I love you." You spoke. He brought you to a tight hug, his heart racing rapidly at the moment. 

"I love you. . . too." He said.. Never in his life had he said those words- until now. He smiled before you laid down. "Nighty-night~" You laughed and went under the covers. He laid down as well, feeling your head against his chest. "Good luck tomorrow. . ." You yawned and held his hand as you closed your eyes for sleep.
I'm so into the anime right now~
; u ; they're all such hotties~

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