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Tεαchεr'ς Mατε!|On Hold|
Story published August 1, 2013 · updated 2 weeks ago · 45 pages · 3,301 readers · 47,904 reads
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Okay, well I'm sorry guys but I'm kind of stuck on this story. So I'm putting it up on hold for a while until I can come up with new ideas to spice up this story. Again I truly apologize for the inconveince on you guys. But the great news is I'm trying to see if I can try something new with my writing skills meaning I'm going a bit outside my comfort zone to see if I can do much more than I already am. I want to be a great Writer and or Author someday. So as that being said I'm writing this particular story called You're Mine, Mate.

About the new story:
It is about an Army General Soldier Richard Matthews. He is an U.S soldier and an Alpha wolf. He is a strict, honorable, strong, handsome, guy who is 23 years of age. Aubree is 18 years of age. She is young, reckless, stubborn, loud, party type. She doesn't take orders from no damn body. She has a real mouth on her which tends to get her into trouble, but she likes trouble. Ricahrd on the other hand never gets disrespected by anyone, ever. He doesn't like people who does not follow his orders when told to do so. Wanna know more?C: Read it!C:

C:Love Ya!C: