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Oh, Brother!
Story published August 2, 2013 · updated 10 months ago · completed · 237 pages · 35,761 readers · 404,963 reads
Thirteen- Because.
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Thirteen- Because....

                                                       ~Justin's P.O.V.~

        I chase after Misty and I can hear her laughing. Man, her laugh is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. I smile at the thought of that and run faster once I reach the sand. Misty reaches the blanket first and quickly puts her coverup on. I don't see why she's self conscious about her body. She's hot! Yes, she's so beautiful too, but I'm still a guy, okay!? She slips her shoes on, and I throw my shirt on.
"So, where do we go first?" She asks.
I look around at the rest of our friends. June, Luke, and Jay are all playing in the water, and Mike and Penny are talking under the tree. I smile and turn back to face her. Just the two of us. I wrap my arm around her shoulders and start walking towards all the little shops that are only a little ways down the beach. "If you look to your left, you will see a scary, hairy man that should really put on a shirt."
She laughs and shoves me. "That's gross! Why'd you make me look?"
I put my hands up in surrender. "Hey, I'm the tour guide here. I'm only doing my job!"
She giggles and rolls her eyes. We keep walking and talking about random stuff when we pass a homeless guy sleeping.
At first, we walk past, but then she stops and sighs. She takes a five dollar bill out of her pocket and walks back to the old man. She quietly puts it in his hand then closes it so the money won't fly away. The man starts to stir, so Misty pats his head and runs back over to me. I smile and wrap my arm around her shoulders again.
"Why'd you do that?"
She shrugs and looks around our surroundings. "He needed help, so I helped him."
"But aren't you tight on money? You know, with not being able to go to work because of construction."
        She grabs her left arm with her right hand. "Yea... but he needed it more than I did." She looks behind her to check on the man, who is now awake, and smiling at the money. She is seriously the most caring person I have met. Usually, people tell the homeless to shut up or something, but she wants to help them even if she can barely support herself. I kiss the top of her head, and I can see a blush creeping up on her face. I once again smile because of her, then lead her into the ice cream shop. I'm going to make this a great day just for her.

                                                                                                        ~Misty's P.O.V.~

        "How is that even possible?!" I ask while laughing.
Justin shrugs and lays down on my blanket. "I don't know. Only thing I know is that when I stood up from under the table, there was pink goo all over everyone and the teacher looked totally pissed at me."
"I would be too if you splattered pink goo all over me!" I laugh and lay down on my back beside him. We hung out at the beach all day together. We're now back on my blanket in the sand. I sigh and look over to the water. Everyone else is playing in it now, and the sun is already setting. I wonder how that homeless guy is doing. I bet he was hungry....
"You alright, Mist?"
I turn my head to look at Justin. "Yea. Why?"
He smiles. "You always get a certain look on your face when you're worried about something or someone. What is it?"
I raise and eyebrow at him. "You know my facial expressions?"
He rolls his eyes and wraps an arm around me. "Duh, what kind of a friend would I be if I didn't?"
I giggle and scoot a little closer to him. "I was just wondering about that one guy we saw earlier."
"You mean the hairy dude? I think he finally put a shirt on."
I laugh and shove him. "No. The homeless one."
He smiles and kisses my forehead. "Don't worry. I'm sure he's fine."
I feel myself starting to blush, so I turn my head to rest on his chest again and look at the water. Even though it was only a little kiss on the forehead, I couldn't help it.
"Hey, my cousin is moving in with us next Friday. Maybe you could come over and meet him."
I look up at him and rest my chin on his chest. "Sure, but why is he moving in with you?"
"I think he got kicked out of his old school or something like that. Anyway, his parents got pissed, and kicked him out. We were the closest family he had, so he's moving in with us. He's not all that bad, though."
I nod my head. "Sure. We could all hang out some time."
He smiles and looks out to the water. After a few minutes, he speaks again without looking away from the water. "Why won't your brother let you anywhere near Blake?"
I bite my lip. "Um, Blake Gerald? Mike doesn't have a problem with him. I don't know what you're talking about."
He looks at me narrowing his eyes. "Misty, you know that's not the Blake I'm talking about."
I tear my eyes away from his and look at the water again, hoping we would drop it. But of course, he doesn't.
"Mist, come on. I want to know what's going on. Are you two trying to... date?" He sounds almost disappointed when he asks that.
I snap my head around to look at him. "No. Absolutely not."
He keeps looking at me, staring into my eyes. "Then what is it?
"It's nothing you have to worry about."
He sits up and I do too. "Mist, I'm serious. I want to know."
I try to look anywhere but his eyes, but mine are pulled back to his and he doesn't look away. I sigh and look down to my lap. "He just... did some things."
"Like what kind of things?"
I start playing with the rope bracelet Justin bought me today, and still don't look up to him. "He harassed me..... since ninth grade." I finally look up to meet angry eyes. "But Mike already stopped it. It's fine now." I say, trying to calm him down. He suddenly wraps me up into a hug. I don't do anything a first, but I finally wrap my arms around him.
"You have no idea how much of a relief it is that you're not dating him."
I laugh and pull back from our hug. "And why is that?"
He smiles and takes my hands in his. "Because.... I don't think you guys would last long." I can tell he was going to say something else, but I don't have time to ask before Mike flops down beside me. He eyes Justin and then wraps his arm around me.
"You ready to go, Mist?"
        I look at everyone else and see that they're all getting ready to leave. I nod my head. "Sure. I'll get everything packed up." I look in front of me again, and see that Justin is already standing packing things up. I stand up and shoo Mike of the blanket, then fold it up. Once I have my shoes on and everything back in my bag, I sigh and start walking towards the cars.

        I climb into the passenger seat of mine and Mike's car since we're heading straight home. I throw my bag in the back, the sigh a lean my head on the seat with my eyes closed. Does Justin like me? As in, more than friends? No, why would he? I'm just the sister of Mike. Also, look at me! What could he possibly see in me? I groan and sink down into my seat. I hear Mike say bye to everyone, then get into the driver's seat.
"Are you ever going to drive?"
I peek my left eyelid open to look at him. "Nope. You are now my personal driver."
He laughs and starts the car. "You wish."
I giggle and sit up again. "Oh, Justin's cousin is moving in with him on Friday. You wanna come hang out with us?"
He scratches the back of his neck. "Um.... I can't."
I glances at me before looking back at the road. "Just... something came up."
I furrow my eyebrows together and tilt my head. Then it comes to me. I smile and clap my hands together. "You asked Penny out, didn't you?!"
"What? Pfft. No..."
I roll my eyes. "Yea, right. Don't even try to hide it. I so know you did!" I start doing a little dance in my seat and Mike gives me a weird look. I giggle and sit back again. "I so knew this would happen."
"Okay, yes, I asked her out. But how did you know 'this would happen'?" He puts quotation marks around what I said and I smile.
"Um, because I knew she liked you?"
"You knew she liked me?!"
"If you become friends with a girl and have a boy talk at a sleep over, you're going to know who she likes, Mike. So, of course I knew."
He rolls his eyes, and I just laugh and turn on the music. Am I an awesome friend for setting them up? Yes. Am I an even better sister for doing that? Duh!
Thanks for reading, and tell your friends about this!! :)