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Our Secret (Loki Love Story)
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

        My eyes fluttered awake to the feeling of someone's hand pressed against my lips. Immediately, I knew who it was. As much as I dreaded it, I licked his hand.
"Stop it, peasant, we must be quiet, and I'm only ensuring you don't escape," I felt Loki's hot breath against my scalp. Instead of the bed of the truck, where I had fallen asleep, we were now in a large semi. 
"The cops are dead," Clint's flat tone spoke from the front of the truck. Anger raced through my veins. How dare he enslave such a great man to do his work for him? Finally, he released his hand from my mouth. I pushed myself off of him and against the opposite wall. 
"Stop touching me," I demanded. 
He and I were alone in the back, "You're a prisoner. I can do as I please to you," his grin was wicked, and would have been attractive, had I not been nursing a burning rage against him for the past two days. 
"Where are we even going?" I asked reluctantly. Knowing fully well he wouldn't give me an answer, I braced myself to lunge at him. One way or another, I was getting answers from Loki. 
"Don't even try it," he warned, "We're going to a warehouse not far from here, if you must know." 
        A long sigh escaped me as I stared to the side. 
"You look ill," his words seemed almost caring. 
I did feel bad, but I wasn't letting him catch onto that, "I'm fine." My eyes automatically diverted from his cold gaze. After all, he was the god of mischief and lies, so naturally he could see right through any lie I might have had. 
"I think we've arrived," although he may have had emotions, he hid them very well. I couldn't penetrate whatever mental block he was putting up to keep me out. It impressed me, and terrified me all at once. 
        He pulled me up roughly by my arm as the large door opened. Suddenly, I was lifted from the ground and over his shoulder. I beat on his back angrily as he stepped down onto the pavement. 
"Is this really necessary?!" I yelled as he nonchalantly walked. 
"I'm planning to keep you safe," he said, "and to not let you escape." 
        Soon we were inside of a rather dreary warehouse. Countless amounts of men were putting in science equipment for the tesseract to function off of. 
"I have a question," I said, as he let me down.
"Yes, milady?" 
His eyes were dull as he watched the men working, "Why do you seem as though you hate me, and then call me "love" and "milady"?" 
Suddenly, his eyes were transfixed on mine, hypnotizing me, "I could never hate you." The sentence was unexpected. It made me almost wish he'd given a snarky comment, or perhaps a glare. 
"Seems like you very well could," I muttered. 
        Without my consent, I was pulled aside, away from everyone else. Loki cupped my cheek in his hand, causing a bright red blush to cover my face. What is he doing?
"Listen to me, Hayden, I told you before, but I could never hate you," 
"H-how do you know my name?" I asked. My emotions were a mixture of confused, dazed, attracted, and intrigued. 
"I've known you of you for much longer than you know, love." As if snapped out of a trance, his eyes suddenly turned from that electrical blue, back to his cruel ice blue. 
"I don't understand," I murmured. 
One of his henchmen approached us, "Sir, I can transport the prisoner to her room if you'd like." His eyes were a terrible blue, a color almost as dark as the tesseract's. 
"You won't touch the prisoner, she is mine to handle, and if any of you so much as glance at her, I will incinerate you," Loki's words were so harsh. The henchmen said nothing more before retreating back to his work. 
        Loki began roughly leading me down a long hallway by the arm, "Another question," I said, as I caught up to his pace, "why didn't you just possess me like you did the others?" 
"You're not like the others," it was barely audible, but his voice seemed like lightning booming to me. 
"How is that?" 
"Must you be so intruding?" He snapped. Quickly, my eyes diverted to the floor. Before, I thought if I could learn Loki's reasonings, then I could perhaps find an escape, but now he was back to his old ways of scolding me and calling me a peasant. Obvious hatred permeated the air between the two of us. Although I still wondered why he treated me so specially, compared to the others of course. The others he treated like disposables, like little minions to do the dirty work so he wouldn't have to. I understood his connection with them. But with me, he treated me like his own personal interest. It was obvious that it wasn't his intention to bring me here in the first place, so why did I feel like he knew I would be part of this all along? Why did he treat me as something important? 
        I was escorted into a large room. Very simple decor was spread throughout it. A bed, fairly nice sheets, a chair, a bathroom, and two dressers. Although, those would be useless. Loki didn't very much agree with me packing to stay here. I snickered at my own internal joke, which received a confused glance from the man beside of me. 
"Why do you laugh? Is this not proper enough for you?" Again, he sounded as if he almost cared. But deep down I knew, I knew that he didn't care at all what I thought, or how I felt. I knew I was just going to be part of his diabolical plan, or so he thought. 
"No, this is perfectly fine, I'm just... I don't know," I shook my head and moved over to the bed, "So, what am I supposed to do while you're going on evil conquests?" 
"Stay, and don't try to escape." A devious smirk crossed my face. Of course we both knew I would try escaping. At the time, I thought it was my destiny to escape this place, and to help The Avengers take over this man. Without warning, he moved in front of me, towering over me dramatically as he spoke, "I know that smile, Hayden, I'm the god of mischief and lies, both of which are hidden within your eyes right now." I couldn't tear my gaze from his eyes as he spoke. An unknown tension formed between the two of us as we stood so close to each other. It made me uncomfortable, and a bit afraid. "Don't. Go. Anywhere." I took his words seriously, although I fully well planned to do the opposite. A small nod of recognition was all he received from me before going back outside to his work. 

Now, how will I escape this place?
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