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Creepypasta boyfriend scenario
Story published August 3, 2013 · updated 7 months ago · completed · 22 pages · 9,088 readers · 120,243 reads
Valentine's da

Valentine's day :3

BEN  got you a cute little teddy bear and you got him a  new video game :3 

You got Jeff a new knife collection and Jeff gave you his old knife xD

Slendy gave you roses and you got him a new suit o3o 

-Lost Silver- 
You got Silver a little plush pikachu and he got you a necklace with a heart >w< 

-Eyeless Jack- 
Jack got you chocolates and you got him a new guitar cx 

You both made each other cheesecake ._. 

Hoody made you a mixtape  and you made him heart shaped cookies :o