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Dangerous fate- wizards of waverly place
Story published August 3, 2013 · 59 pages · 898 readers · 5,003 reads
family betray
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Family betray

"Alex, why did you do that?" Jerry Russo cried.

"Dad, I'm sorry but I didn't know that Grandma was here, Max never told me." Alex said with a gritted voice as she turned to Max who put his hands up in defense. "Hey, we all know that you can't really rely on me." Max said with a nonchalantly

Theresa muttered something in Spanish and looked up to the ceiling. "This is exactly why I do not want magic in this house."

"What are we going to tell grandma?" Alex asked. Alex was slightly worried because what would grandma say of her being pregnant. She wanted Juno to know her great- grandmother.

They all looked to the couch when Magdalena began to groan. Theresa came to her mother's side when she came too. "Theresa, where am I? And why did I see Alex transport in with some boy?" She asked confused her head in hands.

"Oh mom, you fainted when you saw Alex and her husband. You just freaked out a little I suppose." Theresa said nervously eyes darting from side to side.

"Oh, no that doesn't sound like me and what is this that I hear, Alex got a husband?" Magdalena asked as she turned and looked at Alex and the man who stood next to her.

"Alex, my baby? Is married?" Why did I never hear of this?" She asked a flash of sadness flooded through her eyes but then washed away.

"Oh yeah Grandma. This is my husband and the father to my baby, Mason. Mason this is my grandmother." Alex said as she glanced between Magdalena and Mason. Mason gave an awkward smile as he stuck out his hand for her to shake.

"Hello, I am Mason Greyback, nice to meet you." Magdalena looked a little confused but she took Mason's hand and shook it.

"So you're from London?" She asked with a soft voice.

"Yeah, moved here a few years ago." Mason said with a smile as he scratched his head.

"Oh that's lovely now excuse me I have to go to my rematch with Max." Magdalena got up and wrapped her arms around Max as they wrestled to the other part of the house. When they saw that Magdalena was out of earshot they all began to talk in a hushed voice.

"That was a close one." Jerry sighed.

"It was too close." Theresa said with an annoyed look that she aimed at Alex.

"Mom, Dad I am sorry. I didn't know that grandma was here." Alex said with a small voice. She felt bad about almost revealing magic even though it wasn't her fault.

"Alex, I know that you didn't mean it but you being here with your werewolf husband and your six month baby bump are not really going to keep the secret. Besides Mason transforms soon." Jerry said his eyes sparkling with aggravation.

Mason face grew with guilt. "I think that it's best if you and Mason leave while Grandma is here." Jerry said. Theresa nodded her head in agreement.

"Ok, fine we'll leave." Alex said with a wave of her wand her and Mason were gone.

Theresa and Jerry sighed a breath of relief when Alex and Mason finally left. Even thought they did love the both of them they didn't want to risk anything. Soon Magdalena came back from wrestling Max. Her face was wet with sweat. When she saw that Alex and the British boy weren't there her face grew disappointment.

"What happened to Alex and the Brit?"

"Oh, something with Mason's parents so they had to leave." Theresa explained.

"Oh that's a shame. I wanted to ask Alex about the baby."

"Oh well you can ask us." Jerry said quickly.

"Well what's the baby's name?"

"The baby's name is Juno Raine Harper Greyback." Theresa said, with a nervous smile.

"Juno, Juno. That is a cute name, a little I don't know old-ish but a fair name. And Harper that name sounds familiar."

"Yes, that is Alex's best friend's name." Theresa interjected.

"Ah yes." Magdalena said with distaste in her voice. She felt disappointed that Alex hadn't kept a Latin name in the family. Theresa saw the sad aura that was adopted by her mother.

"Mom what is it? Do you not like the name?"

"Yeah, I don't know if it's because of London Bridges but she never used a Latin name. That is our tradition, and always would have been."

"Oh mom, Mason never took away from Alex's heritage. It was just that Harper was the one that they wanted to name the baby after and Alex and Mason are really wanting approval from Mason's parents and they almost didn't support the marriage because Alex is half Mexican."

"But that never mattered to me."

"Yes mom I know but Mason's parents are more traditional."

"You mean that they are British stick up their asses."

"Yeah basically." Theresa replied with a small laugh.

"And remember that there is Max and Justin." Jerry added.

"Oh yes that reminds me, where is Justin? I guess that he has a sweetheart, no?"

"Yes well, but he and his girlfriend have two houses and they aren't living in the one in New York at the moment."

"Oh well where is it?" Magdalena asked.

"Uh um it's in-"

"Canada, Ontario, Canada." Jerry finished for Theresa.

"Well we live in New York, Canada is not that far just a few hours' drive, we all have passports let's go visit them!" Magdalena announced.

"Oh we can't just go unannounced."

"Yes we can and we are going." Magdalena said in a determined voice.

The Russo couple sighed they knew that there was no use. They were going to 'Canada'.