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I will say yes (Patrick Breeding B5)
Story published August 3, 2013 · updated 6 months ago · 10 pages · 898 readers · 5,134 reads
Kelly my Hero;Mish
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Kelly my Hero;Mishel the magnificent

"Kelly ... I need help" I said budging into his room. Luckily, this time, he had clothes on and was playing his xbox. "wassup, shawty" he said glancing back at me " You heard about this girl being pregnant by Pat?" I asked sitting on his bed next to him. "uuuuuuhhhh ... I think so. I didnt think it was true" he paused the game to focus on me. "well it is and he is mad at me now.." I said playing with my hair. "Ill go talk to him for you if u want me to" he suggested. I knodded my head and sat back in his bed.

*Five Minutes later*

Kelly finally came back in the room ."He said he was extremly sorry .. He was caught up with her . He told me not to tell you this but she one month pregnant and he wants the baby." He said. My mouth was wide open ... Our four months .. I never thought he'd fo this. "okay, thank you Allen ..." I said fixing to walk out the rom. "Gurl what I tell you about my middle name?!" He looked over at me. I was to fustrated to reply. I got my car keys and rented a nice hotel acroos town. I phoned my freind , Mishel.

Mishel: hay gurl how are you?

me: Nothing .. Pat cheated.
Mishel: OMG Foreal ?! He so sweet though!
Me: I know! But he just up and gota gurl pregnant!
Mishel: gurl, ima come over ther to Atlanta and Choke him
Me: no need to ... Im leaving back to Texas
Mishel: but Ta ... Does he know about your preg-
Me:SHHHHHHHH, He dosent know and he will NEVA know
Mishel: well .. Ima come pick you up tomorow from the airport?
Me: I guess .. I dont know if im gona leave just yet. B5 are like family to me. Kelly and Carnell especially.
Mishel: I understand Tay .. Can I atleast come visit again ?
me: yeah, come on gurl.
Mishel: Igjt byeeee
Me: Adios Puto!
*end of convo*