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I Hate You Horan (Niall Horan LOve Story)
Story published August 4, 2013 · updated August 5, 2013 · 2 pages · 4 readers · 6 reads
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  Ally's pov

  "ALLY COME DOWN HERE PLEASEE " my mother yells. "COMING MOTHER" I like calling her that.  I went to her room  and I saw her putting make-up on and heels on the floor and a sparkly dress "mom? Where are you going,  you haven't dressed like thta since my uncles wedding " I said "well guess what hunny I found a date his name is Harvey Horan, He's in my age and he's friendly and his teenage son is coming to our date and I don't want him to be left alone with 2 adults so your gunna have to go to company him" She explained "Okay thats fine wth me as ong as he doesn't bother me" I say and left the room I showered really fast went to my room and put my favorite outfit on.

my outfit

 "done,  now my make up" I my self. I but black eyeliner, red lipstick, a bit of light red blush, fake eyelashes, and brushed a bit of black on my eye for eyeshadow . 

*At mothers boyfriends car* 
 " Ally meat harvey, harvey meat ally" my mother intro duces  " Very nice to meet you" harvey said  we shaked hands. "ally thats nialll,  niall thats ally" my mother introduced. he's fine i guess."Hi ally" He said shyly. He's irish im guessing I cnan hear the irish accent in his voice and a bit of british like 40% of britis and 60% of irish accent. "hi niall" respond We get to Asian buffet (all you can eat buffet) yum I love this buffet it has good food. we get out out of the car and walk into the resturaunt. We pay for ourselves and sat on A table that has no chairs it's like a benchish seat. Mom sits with her boyfriend harvey and that means im stuck with niall. I leave my purse on the side im sitting at and go get some food.
I get a plate full of Macoronii, 3 chickens on a stick, 5 mini pieces of shrimp with chicken skin around it, and orange chicken. I went back to the table and only see my mother and Niall. "Where's harvey mom ?"  I ask. "Oh he's in the bathroom sweety," She respnded. Ok. I sat down next to niall and he's got a plate full of food to. "Heey" I say."hii" my mom and niall says.  "I should probaly go check on harvey to see if he's alright" My mother asks as she goes niall starts a conversaton "Hi" he says shyly "You don't need to sa that agian you said about 3 times already" I admit "you're right" He responds "Soo how do you feel as our parents are dating" I ask "Well 
this is the first time my father dates someone except for my mom ofcourse but my mother died like when I was 8 years old" He explains (a/n Ik its not true but it goes along in the story) "Same here except my parents devorced, and sorry;/" I responded "It's fine.." He says. 

We look at eachother for a on time and I see he gets closer to me and closes his eyes

 I scooch back because he's trying to KISS ME! " U-uhm What are you doing?" I ask "Oh u-uhm  I-I'm sorry" He says and he frowns a bit. I feels bad but I have't kissed a guy since I was in high school.

 Niall's POV 

   Darn. I almost kissed her but she stopped me. She look mad right now but I can see she doesn't wanna show it.